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YOU want the best petrol, WE have it in Regent T.T. and Benzol Mixture. The petrol that has PROVED itself the finest in the

country. If you require a good thoroughbred or sports car we have the finest and largest stock in the country and you can purchase a car from us for as little as £15 deposit and

drive away the same day.

Kindly phone, write or call and we will always be pleased to try and help you in any possible way.

* Our new hire purchase terms : one third deposit, balance over 12 months, or half deposit, balance over 18 months.

* Immediate insurance on any car. * We pay top prices for good-condition cars or quickly sell for you on a small commission basis.

* We can now supply to special order radiator and headlamp stoneguards to fit any make of car.

I’m not moving—I’m just taking over more premises. Last month I asked you to watch this month’s issue, but building licences have caused a delay. Please forgive me and watch next month’s issue for details of my new Garage ( 2 minutes from Crystal Palace race track) where I will stock a wide range of the cheaper thoroughbred sports carriages. Another member of our group: Queen’s Gate Mews, Gloucester Road, South Kensington Telephone : WEStern 5522

THE Specialists in repairing vintage, Continental and sports cars at competitive prices.

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