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Vintage Autos of England Proprietor : JACK BOND, A.M.Inst.B.E. Run by an Enthusiast for the Enthusiast


We can now undertake repairs and servicing of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars under the direction of Mr. E. Louis (late Service Manager of Jack Barclay, Ltd.). ALVIS Speed Twenty, 1936, D.H. coupe. The whole condition of this car is 100 per cent, in every way and was sold for E685 two or three years ago when it had just had complete engine and crank rebuild. It has since had new front suspension, gearbox, clutch, radiator. etc. Paintwork and interior in first-class condition. It has been fitted with a new mohair hood E365 ALVIS 16.9, 1936, 0.14. coupe. This car was the personal property of a garage proprietor who reconditioned the engine, etc. Clean paintwork and good tyres, etc. … E250 ALVIS 12.50, 1931, Bettleback 2/3-seater. Excellent mechanical nick, now being resprayed B.R.G., retrimmed and re-upholstered in Tygan in our works. Five excellent tyres

AUSTIN Seven, 1936, Nippy 2-seater. This little car would not be suitable for Tessie O’Shea or anyone of similar build. Excellent paintwork and interior. AUTO UNION 31-litre 0.14. coupe. This is a 1939 model and was first registered in 1949. For performance (80 m.p.h.) with economy (23 m.p.g.) and comfort (independent suspension back and front), there are very few cars to equal this very fine automobile. The paintwork, pigskin interior, tyres and battery are all in first-class condition. Fitted continental steering, one-shot lubrication, all spares

available. All this and heaven too, for only … E295 BENTLEY 41-litre, 1929-30 4-seater tourer. The mechanical condition is very good, but the paintwork is not in Contours condition, but neither is the price. Fitted excellent tonneau cover and hood. … t225 We also have a 411, 6) and 11-litre in stock, but space does not permit full descriptions of these grand old


B UGATTI, 1929, 2-litre (Type 43) 4-seater tourer. This Bug, is now being rewired and resprayed in our works. Fitted five new tyres, new batteries, etc. BUGATT1 43A. The engine has recently been rebuilt and brakes relined, etc. It is fitted with a very attractive 2/4-seater coachwork and has the perfect back seat for the irritable mother-in-law E295 B RITISH SALMSON, 1939, 14-h.p. Sportsman saloon. This car is in very fine fettle having had one owner all its life and reputed to be the personal property of the director of Salmsons. Very clean interior and paint work … E295 CROSSLEY 10-h.p. 4-door saloon. Meadows engine has recently been rebuilt and the interior is in exceptionally clean condition and the paintwork likewise DE DION, 1908, 4-seater tourer. This car has been restored to beautiful perfection and the mechanical condition would make many post-war cars hang their heads in shame … aso COOPER MARK IV SOO c.c. This is the ex-Betty Haig car and has been fitted recently with the latetype mods. and the engine rebuilt and has only been run on the test bench. It is in very fine all round condition and all history available, etc. Complete with long range tanks … E285 1NVICTA, 1934, 4i-litre fitted attractive 4-seater coach work by Corsica. Recently fitted new radiator, excellent hood, tonneau cover, tyres. new batteries, etc. Goes like a gallon of petrol in an 8-litre LAGONDA 2-litre, 1928, 4-seater tourer. Engine recently rebuilt and just fitted new dash and instru

ments. All history available … 1185 LAGONDA 16/80, 1933 Sportsman saloon. Just resprayed maroon and black. Fitted five new tyres, etc.

LAGONDA 16/80, 1933, recently rebuilt with attractive 2-seater coachwork. Late property of an electrician and is fitted with every kind of switch except the kitchen sink … LAGONDA 3-litre Sportsman … ..• saloon IT2h3i5s Lagonda is in exceptionally fine all round condition having had £500 spent on its reconditioning in the last few years. All bills available … 1.235 MARENDAZ SPECIAL. Rebuilt and registered 1952, with a I7-h.p. Hudson engine, etc. It has very attractive 2/4-seater coachwork which has been resprayed, re-upholstered. rechromed, fitted new hood and tonneau, etc. Looks like (amongst other

things) a baby Bentley … L285 MORRIS Fourteen, 1938, 4-door saloon. This is not the type of car we normally sell, but one that we have taken in part exchange. We have been informed by the previous owner that he has had all the mechanical parts reconditioned, etc. Excellent paintwork, interior, tyres. etc., and far above average condition … MARQUETTE, 1929, 2/4 seater D.H. coupe. What, never heard of it ! Well this car was one of the first of the General Motors products, therefore spares are available, and it is reputed to be the only one of its type in the country. The last owner said that it was the most reliable car he had ever owned

(Yes—he has owned more than one car I) … f.85 O.M. 16-h.p. 4 seater tourer. This car has recently had an engine and crank rebuild. Coachwork is in polished aluminium, excellent hood and tonneau.

One tin of Bluebell given free with this car ! L125 RILEY, 1935, 1214 Kestrel Sportsman saloon. Engine, crank, gearbox overhaul, etc. … f225 RILEY Nine Monaco, 1933. in far above average condition with exceptionally clean interior and paint work. Fitted five excellent tyres E155 RILEY Nine Monaco, 1929. This little car has had much money and loving care lavished on it. It has been re-upholstered and recently had complete engine rebuilt, etc. All bills availableE17.5 RILEY Nine Gamecock 214-seater tourer. Nearly £200 has recently been spent on the mechanical reconditioning of this car. Excellent paincwork. All bills available

RILEY Sixteen, 1936, 4-seater tourer. Very clean paintwork and interior, excellent hood and side. curtains, five excellent tyres, etc. t285 RILEY Twelve, 1933, Kestrel Sportsman saloon. Fitted three carbs. and naturally very potent … E125 RILEY Nine Brooklands 2-seater. Recent engine rebuild. Just resprayed, rechromed, etc. Fitted outside exhaust. This is one of the best Brooklands we have ever had the pleasure to handle … 1275 RILEY Nine Treen Special 2/4-seater tourer, This car was built in 1952 at a cost of over 1.500 and is just like a new car. All bills available … L325 SINGER Nine, 1935, Le Mans 2-seater. This car has had a stack of hard cash spent on its mechanical side. We have just resprayed it Alfa red. All bills available 035 SINGER Nine, 1933, 4-door saloon. This is the ideal car to give to the wife who insists on her own car, and it is guaranteed to make her want to give up driving For the rest of her life, so it must be cheap at 159 19s. 112d. TALBOT Fourteen, 1933, 4-door saloon. Engine reputed recently rebuilt, good tyres, roomy and economical E.125 TRIUMPH 14-h.p., 1939. 2/4-seater roadster D.H. coupe. Engine just overhauled and new hood fitted at the same time. Fast, comfortable and economical E295 FOR SALE—continued

HUMBER 9/20 (tourer). 1926, a very smart vintage car. Engine requires four pistons. two big-ends require remetalling, otherwise sound. £29 10a.

Gilbert, 19, Stanley Road, Broadstnirs. [8665 ‘cillStIN A90 sports saloon, 1951. One careful driver. Excellent condition. 1.600 miles. Birmingham area. £750. o.n.o. BM/FVII, London. W.C.1. [8666 WS—, 1935. sports saloon, Silver Eagle. Excellent condition. £100. Tel.: Burgh Heath 2213, evenings. 18667

3-LITRE BENTLEY in excellent condition. xtWit Label engine aml is hastis, 4.seater tourer body. Tel.: Portsnmeth :0070. after 7 p.m. 18668 BEAUTIFUL OPEN GREITDELAGE, 1926. 2.seata and boot-13.9 li.p., 23 m.p.g., similar small Rolls. First-eless fettle throughout. Offers over £85. Box No. C669, MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Road. E.C.1. [8669 _

1931 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE radiates. wilt. 114,,’ bloek fitted by Screks. Also two pairs 12/00 role. shafts. Williams, Beacon Hill Cottage. Old Burghdere. Newbury. [8610 1950 T M.G. Green. 21,000 miles. INVO unu6s1ed0 I) spares. Fine condition. £5150. Carling, 9. Espla nade, Hornsea. E. Yorks. [8671 600/18 DUNLOP PORTS. two very good, two worn, £8 and £4 the pairs. Eighteen K.I.G. 311,60 plugs, all ‘lend Y new. £2. SILdr. Piper. R.A.F.. Little

Rissiogton. Oxon. [8673 STANDARD EIGHT D.II. coup.e, Nov.. 1941. Excellent condition. 1:325, or £250 plus reasonable car in part exchange. Bone, Tel.: WHI 4466. Ext. 133 (office hours); SPE 5293 (eveningS). (8674 TALBOT 615 saloon, 1933. excellent mechanical Condition. Sell about 265, prefer exchange open car or ” special.” anything, even unfinished, considered. ROse. Three Hands, Teffont, Salisbury. 18675 AUSTIN SEVEN 2oseater sports. Full road equiptnent. £75, o.n.o. Box No. G678, MOTOR SPORT, IS. City Road. E.C.I. [8678

327/80 FRAZER-NASH Autenrieth ec7a-pf. 1939. excellent condition. £650. Brumfield Garage.

Hertford. Tel.: 3289. /8679 RILEY NINE MERLIN, 1936. Special series engine. New battery. springs, shock-absorbera, lighting. braking. overltanled. £180 or offer. Birch. 65. Hiving..? Hill. Chef:ham, lineks. [8680 TWO ONLY. Brand new fold.liat sports front windsereens with stanchions. 46 M. wide. £8 eneb. Barnes, le, Venner Road, Sydenbant, S.E.26, Tel.: 7469. (8681 FOR SALE—continued M.G. 32 SPARES. Complete oar for disposal following smash. Reconditioned engine, rear axle, new battery. tyres. Chassis, front axle useless. Offera : 27, Braekenhurst Road. Coventry. [8682 WOLSELEY HORNET, 1911. 2-seater sports. Re. sprayed, interior re-covered. Engine overhauled. 2,000 miles since: 30 m.p.g. £70 spent last 18 months. £95, o.n.o.. or exchange something with four seats. Tel.: Marlow 844. [8683 AUSTIN 12/4 clutch pressure plate, starter ring, clutch thrust race with toggles. 12v. dynamo. 12v. starter motor. Davies, The Brewery, By the, Kent. [8684 COOPER 500 racing car. Whole Car completely overhauled. all parts new, with latest modifiratinns. Potent performance. £300. Exchange car, cash adjustment. Car Exchange (Brighton) Ltd. Tel.: 29972. (8685

SPEED FOURTEEN ROVER, 1930. Bodywork and Machinery excellent condition. Single or triple 8.0. arrangement available. £165. Box No. 0704. MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Rood, E.C.1. 48704

FORD V8, 30 H.P., Coupe, 1936, original ConditiOn. Highly tuned. £185, o.n.o. Tel.: Hampstead 4935. (8686 NOTE WELL! Fiat Special. 1.100 e.e. Completely rebuilt tiered ynatitie aluminium body. cream.. Red Dunlopillo upholstery. Stop and reverse lights, twin wipers, spot, air horns. FURL 35 m.p.g. Four. seater, boot. Nearly new tyres. £4514 Tel.: Ely 7506, (87116 LANCIA APRILIA. 1937. full 4-seater cabriolet. Original black cellulose and red hide upholstery in excellent condition. Reedit dectoke, new valve springs, steering rebushed. etc. Outstanding car, combining 32 m.p.g. with 89 m.p.h. £375. Mae. kitisie Guilder% Morden, Royston, Herts. Tel.: Steeple Morden 256. [8705

LAGONDA, 1932. 3-LITRE open foursome tourer. One of the finest specimens we have bad the pleasure of offering. Original paintwork. upholstery first class, hood as new. Tyres very good plos two addi. (bind wheels complete.. Splendid meehanioll condition. Raclin. I:285. Buekburst UM Garages. Ltd., High Road. Buekhurat Hill. Tel.: Buckhurst 7272. [8707 MOTOCARDS t 8 miles to 1 ineh, motoring map ref Great Britain in sections on 13 cards, in weatherproof rexine case with transparent sides. 20s. net plus Is. 94. p.t. From all booksellers. Edward Stanford Ltd., 1244, Long Acre. London, W.C.2. [8712 FOR SALE–tontinued BENTLEY 3-LITRE RED LABEL 4-seater tourer, black. A really splendid specintea. Five new retreads. Original Vanden Plan body in good condition. Seats fair. Original brass head and side lamps. Hood needs renewing. Performance superb. £265. Buekhurst Hill Garages. Ltd., High Road, Buelchurst

Hill. Tel.: Buekhurst 7272. [8708 AiNli;1035TSILVElt EAGLE saloon, runner. taxed, engine needs attention. Bargain 875. Landshop GOroge, 59, Caversham Road, Reading. Tel.: 2067. [8709 40,1TRE SUPERCHARGED BENTL1a. Large quantity of sperm including wheels fitted with excellent covent and tubes, available at attractive

prices. Tel.: Wembley 3345. (8719 LLOYD • 650″ roadster complete with eXtumtion of engine. Suitable ter entl ttt Nikon, wishing to fit other type of .engine, The Red Circle Ltd., Tottenham. 7553. [8711 0. R. STOKES, Motor Engineer; No-rthfield Avenue, Sowley, Long Eaton. offers for sale : Define Mar engine and gearbox. complete in every detail: Play. ford tuned and very potent: may be heard and tested before purchase at £45. Magnette gearbox, complete with remote control, bell-housing end two. plate alloy dutch, £12 10s. Many Riley, M.G. and Hornet spares, cheap to callers—space needed. Camshafts reground to give increased lift and over. Imp; lowest prices and guaranteed accuracy and finish. 13713 JAGUAR 4.LO-ft sports saloon, late 1946:-OtTre owner. Faultleas mechanic:al condition: original unmarked black cellulose: tan leather upholstery; heater; four new Dunlop tyres. Taxed for year. Offered at £495 with written guarantee. Terms— exchanges. Rudd’s, 65. Victoria Road (by Central Station). Worthing, Tel.: 4635: evenings, Ilove

3-5905. [8714 A.C. GREYHOUND sports saloon, attractively finished, well-preserved two-tone beige cellulose Seed excellent brown leather upholstery. Mechanical condition very good. Offered t axed at £165. Rudd’., 65, Victoria Road (by Genteel Station), Worthing. Td.: Worthing 4635. [8715

RILEY KESTREL 14-LITRE, 1936 series engine. This car is being checked over in our works and wilt be ready shortly. Inquiries to Rudd’s. 60, Victoria Road (by Central Station), Worthing. Tel.: 4635. [8716 MAGNETTE SPECIAL. Ideal club events. Exchange T-type. Sell. Richardson, 1211, Bristol Road, Birmingham. [8718 FOR SALE-continued STANDARD AVON SPECIAL, 1931. 10-h.p. 2-seuter coupe, black. Taxed. insured. Very good order throughout. 490, o.n.o. R. L. Faulkner, The Grange. Greenhill, Herne Bay. Tel.: 863. [8492 “CUSTOM BUILT” 6-volt excellent American car radio, make ” Mopar.” with push-buttons. in perfect !working order. suitable for all Chrysler Co. ears without alteration, Will accept any rea.01/ Able offer around 420.. Apply immediately. Tel. VIGilant

3100. [8193 ENTHUSIASTS ! Higlopertormalce1940 Trig:mphRamponi sports 2-seater; based Dolomite/Vitesse. Recently reconditioned. Spares easy. Excellent meelannical order. 90-plus end eeononsy. £270. Rox N. G494, Nirrrou Stmwr. 15, City Road. E.C.1. [8494 XLVIS-sPEED TWENTY% Churlesworth drraphead coupe. Rebuilt and re-registered 1919, maintained in exceptional emulation regardleas Of coot. 1350. or exehnsage Mark 11 Matsu. Varndell, 11, The

Poplar.., Veering. Worthing. „ [8495 HAILTON COBHAM de luxe sports saloon. 1956. good condition. Trensentboe. performance. Teles., inbuilt jacks. Bargain, ti 35. terms. Peacock, Meadow /I owe, .11 ,wk wish!, N orris] k. Tel.: Felt well 311.5. [8497 SPARES, ex. I ype 320. Rear axle 4.1: I, 11-in, hydraulic brakes. Front. and rear wings. Radiator and c.o.d. Five 174n. wheels with good tyre-s,. Sprat. lamps. steering-coluum, eta. Jackman, 69. St. Paul’s MO. LlsinnslOw. Tel.:

1100 0947. . . [8498

M.G. 2-LITRE saloon, late 1937. Excellent. £250. Exchange Smaller car. 45, Peternfield Close, London. [8499 JAGUAR, 1938,14-LITRE. Mechanically very good, bodywork fair. Offers aboot I:175. 20. Bury

Avenue. Ruislip. Tel.: 5329. [8501 19-12 ALYISSILVER EAGLE. Thin car is in very good order. Twelve months ago it had new hood, sidesereens, tyres. battery. earburetters, oil coil, magneto rebuilt. clutch. brakes relined, steering joints renewed, engine completely distnaxitled. Only 4,000 miles since. Upholstery respectable; dead reliable. ..e.100 or serious offer. Joyce, 2, Manor Mausions, London, N.W.3. Tel.: PRI 3789. [8502 M.G. TA, 1938/9. Tickford drophead. Pretty. economical little car in good condition. £275. It. Acres, Moss Bank. Avondale Road. South Bets Beet, Eases. [8503 ….. ….___

iti.4071101A. 2-LITRE tourer. Gond tyres; ineeb.uically perfect, but minus hood. Nearest £150. Hos No. (.504, Moron SPORT. 15, City 100, E.C.I.

[8504 jAdiairi-24-LITRE saloon, excellent cc:million. 4240, o.n.o. Dickine, 44, C.henics, near Riektlo„,a5e0,.:, worth, Herts.

DELAGE, ALL SPARES. Gears cut all makes of car. Genrboxes, engines, etc., reconditioned. Matthews, Bentworth friiors, Tovier Still, Dorking. TeL: Dorking 3426. (8506

1931 a RADIATOR SHELL, 650.; petrol tank, 47e. 6d.: stub axles, 4-in. pin, 17e.6d, each; earnshaft, 70s.; all pump. 4.5s.; 19-in, road wheel*. 3-hole type. 32o. 6d.; 19821 road springs front. 27s. 6.1.; rear. 32s. 6d.: carriage paid. Also brake aseemblice, front axle, etc. New gaskets; valves and valve springs; brake and elntel1 lint* speedo. and rev.-counter cables always-in stock. Scott. 14,

Orchard Way, Luton. [8507

M.G., 1934, KA MAGNETTE saliion. Extensively overhauled., body and paint good. Second car ;mapped for spares. Nearest 4140 the lot or spares separately. Consider exchange. Box No. .G508. Movon SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. [8508

RILEY NINE’saloon, 1935. goad condition. First offer over £1110. Harrison). Shipton Court, Shinto’s. under-Wyeltwood. Oxfordshire. Tel:: 202. 18510 MERCEDES-BENZ 38/250 SS super sports 4-seater tourer. lmroacolute and very s I. Box No, G511, Murtha SPORT, I5, City Road, E C.I. (8511 ALYIS, 1932. 12/50 Ti sports saloon. excellent “e dit . Tcee, aA new. 1130. J. Gallimore. Bognor Bridge, Cichcster, Sussex. [8512

1927 AMILCAR chassis. Good condition except broken erown.wheel. Offers 3 Ford Eight engine. gearbox, perfect. 412. Hrseltine. Milborne Port. Somerset. [8513

ASTON MARTIN LE MANS, not yet run-in after £135 overhaul. BOIS available. In very nice eonditiOn. £525, o.n.o. Tel.: Erith 4266 (evenings). [8516

SUNBEAM TALBOT 90 front wings and bonnets for sale. All brand spanking new. Tel. : GUL 3068. 18517 1929 HUMBER NINE saloon, very well shod. gem-cal condition very good. Reliable. £55. Kitchen, Si. Park Street. Aylesbury, Rucks. Ti-L: 225. [8518

. . RILEY KESTREL, 1938, Ili-LITRE sports saloon, preselector. Andre teleeontrol. radio. Excellent condition. £345. 68. Middleton Ilull Road., £iireni .. g h • 30. (8522 FOR SALE-continued

10-11.P. JOWETT saloon, 1938, 4-cylinder. Excellent coachwork, tyres. buttery, lights. A delightful modern economy e:kr. 40 m.p.g. Reconditioned engine. Beautiful eOudition. I:220. or will exchange aoy goeil vintnge car. Cash either way. Adams, Taw Greut 11.11. Salaam Fold, near Burnley, Lanes. [8519 1927 ROLLS TWENTY Windover fixed-head coup6 in unusually good order. Heater. 211 m.p.g. Nearest

Birken, Beare Green., Surrey. [8521 2-LITRE LAGONDA 112.9j open low.chas.sis Speed Model. Nun untdown. New battaries, brakes, clutch. prop.-shaft. Is fact all in perfect working. order. Carefully maintained. 25 m.p.g. and will motor quite fast for hours on end. Ilwner most sell. £250, o.n.o. 39. Southfield Park, .North Harrow. [8521 ROLLS 20-11.P.. 1927, fitted 1936 swept-toil saloon body. £275. Rolls. 1930. 20 b.p.. £100. R111111 23-11LL• 1930. female saloon. £320. Rolls, 1931. 25-11.p. liiiioiiaiiia. Won.. Phantom 11. 1931, selluneude-yille. £350. Rolls 30-11.1L, 1937, coition. New conga’: dropheald lonlie, fitted to order. Rolls bought. We eat) sell your Rolls for you. Johnson, 26. Egerton Read. Fulloystield, Manellester, 14. Tel.: Rusholtne 3009. [8524 VOLKSWAGEN, 1,131 c.e. Released from import restrict ions I 953. I annmettla te throughout. 36 nt.p.g, £385. Box No. G525. MOTOR Spoor, 15, City Road. E.C.I. 18525

. ….. . ….. M.G. J2. green, flared wings. Excellent condition throughout:. Luggage carrier, etc. 14165. Woodhams. 14. Clareflo011 Bill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. [8527 1952 ASTON SPECIAL, ” International ” chassis, Le Mims body, 10 11.p., o.h.v.; 39 m.p.g.: 80 m.p.h. £185, o.n.o. ‘Ross, 5, Mint Gardens. Dorking. 18528 BENTLEY saloon. 16 h.p.. June, 1931. Mant:fiester district. Particulars on request. £290. Consider exchange small car. Dot Noi G530, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. [8530 1939 DOLOMITE sports 13.11. £300. 5. Weetwoicti Lane. Tring. (8532 193.9. SINGER NINE roadster. Red. New engine: universals, dutch. battery. Bodywork, hoodery, excellent. £260, o.n.o. Pearce, Mooreud Grove, Cheltenham. Tel.: 3593. [8531 £120; M.G. F-MAGNA 4-neater. Good aneebeniciali, Many new parts. Good tyres. hood and batteries. Re.upholstered. Just resprayed red. Birmingham: 169, East Dulwich Grove, S.E.22 (weekdays), or

Tel. St. Albans 6176. [8247 1953 DELLOW 2-seater spurts Mk11. ifittitied. 180 miles only. Blue. £595: Or exchange. Harrow. side Motors, Herrowside, Blackpool. To. : 41157.

18248 ALFA-ROMEO single-earn 2/4.genter in good condition. New tinting wheels and clutch plates. £180.

Wood, 16n… Bushmeacl Avenue. Bedford. [8249 TWO M.G. ‘WHEELS-Pi-Tn. Good eondition. tyres. £2 each. Tel. : Four Oaks 1286. (8250

_ . 1911. f4:14:P. RENAULT LA:NBAULETTE. Rena ble, original condition : contemporary electric lighting. Nearest £250. 1931 24-h.p. Sunbeam Sedan. Very sound throughont. £95. 41$, Oldfield Lane, Green

ford. Tel. : WAXdow tOOt (day)-. 18252.

RILEY NINE MONACO chassis: Completely rebuilt. Suit special builder. £45. Mcinaen body.. also available anid-Clieshire area. Harr NO. 1,253,

Moron SPORT. 15. City Road, E.C.I. . . . [8253 1938 MORRIS EIGHT SPECIAL. built similar to DelloW, or …change. Wild, 5, Crown Street. Coeker mouth, Cumberland. Tel.: 2282. [8251 STEERING WHEEL, Bluemells (Brooklantle). As new. Tubular luggage reek. Both suit TC M.G. 43 10s. each. 57, The Eittoms, Kingston, Surrey. [8256 FOR SALE-continued

1936 SINGER NLNE Mans coup6. Good runner, battery. tyres. Quantity spares. Taxed. Best offer. Seen Glos. Box No. F257, MOTOR SeOter, 15, City Road, E.C.I. i8 J2 BLOCK. Rebored, new pistons,. 500. mile,, s. Head eomplete. Ness valves, camshaft. sump. noir-end und front plates. Oil pump. Relined dot ell. II ow heel. Front main hearing. Offers. Box No. 1,258. Moron Soutar. 15, City Road, KALI. [8258 M.G. i-TYPE ENGINE. It-,red ttrari ground. new etc.,6,000 ego. 11.C. head, Polished parts. double spriugs, side dynamo, JIM armature, lame V.D. races and sleeye : 3-spred gearbox, lose ratio dift.assenlbly and stecriasg ,,Ionns and box. All good conditiOn. ao the lot, or sell separately. Albassge.e. 23, WOO,’ Road North, Stun,-heater. 16. Tel:: CEN 2301. Mike hours., [8259 ASTON MARTIN 14-litre *hurt chassis. International. llertelli body. £185 23. Upper liollend Road, Sutton Coldlield. 10261 TRIUMPH DOLOMITE 2-litre saloon. lintiWit since extensive Overhaul. Exeelleet condition. 42511; Exchange 8.112-b.p. saloon. S. Marlborough House, Marlborough Road, Bowes Park; N.22. [8262 ALYISTA SPECIAL 12/50 engine. Redwing Chassis’. Exciting,. reliable. Mechanically sound, but body ‘Spartan. Award winner. £1213. Greasley, Paradise House. Collomptoo. [8266 CORD, 1938. FOURSOME DROPHEAD COUPE. Ivory with maroon hide npholetery. Superb order and comlition. Ekeeptionstly modern appearanceretraetable headlamps, Ew.d. Gear change on steering. column. 085. Stanley, 14. Aalington Street, 1.m:don. S.W.J. Tel. : Regent 3006, [8270 HEALEY, 1952 Moiled, 3-litre Alvis-engined COD. vertible. New It.e: cylinder head just fitted, giving superb acceleration. -White wall tyre, radio. net-cm teachers. Magnificent condition throughout. Private owner. 41,150. Write for photo and full details. Rex No, F273, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road. Et81.173. ALYIS FIREFLY, 1934, TWELVE D/11. Mechanically good. ‘Zenith curb., recently new batteries; smart appearance ; good leather upholstery. Willing meet. buyer. Colchester. Ipswich, Norwieh. £145, or offer. Smith, ” The-Willows,” Starhton. Harleteitt2114

CORD, . CNorfolk.1939 2-canter drophead coup& Bodyita2n7t: hood immaculate. Wireless, heater. All reasensible offers considered. Box No, 11275, MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Bead. E.C.I. EXcELLENT 33 M.G. Reg. 106. £165, or. ex’Mange Riley Nine Kestiel. BeecliWoisd Park Crescent, Worthing. [8270 RILEY IMP, mid ’35. Cherished billet 1938. Complete overhaul 5,0.00. since. New batteries. tyres, chrome, tonneau. Seen Lewes. About £335. Healing,

: Abbey 3076.

ASTON MARTIN, 1935, MK. II, short-ehassis seater. £300 rebuild during. past 8,000 miles. Mum sell, new car arriving. Best offer accepted. Box No.

F284, Marron -SPORT, 1S, City Road, L,C.I. [8284 sunshine saloon. Reconditioned. economi….1 £250. Wanted : Volkiter8g2e8n5. 10. Oakleigh Cone:, East Barnet.

NOV., 193-3; SINGER sports 9–h.p.74-TesiterlGood tyres. Twin curbs. Reliable. Used daily. £85. Wisbey, Red Lion Stores, Wareeide 14 are, lffolys.

Sunday mornings. AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIAL. Looks like Dellow. Cowled radiator, new tyres, hood. 475. ” Oak

hurst,” Northgate, Northwood, Middlesex, [8534 kr95: 111313-5-11N-ft:RHAPIANt 21.6.h.p. saloon, 1936. Rewired, new clutch, four new f-frXn. Mechanically perfect. Any trial. Clierehoe5Ids Ia Femme ! Tel. Gadebrook 2.13S.

RILEY NINE naloon. -1933. £T15. Excli-nge7.1-O.Wett Seven saloon. Barnard. 34, St. Mary’s Girsti5v3ec; Canonbury, N.1. 1935 PA M.G. Very good condition all round. £225. Hearn, 33, Heybridge Avenue, Streatham, S.W..16. after 6 p.m. Tel. : Pollards 2122, daytime. CHRYSLER SPECIAL. Smart appearance. 1;a5s317., economical. New battery, tyre’s. Photo. 1:75. 0,71.0. Boundary bury. Cottages. Harbledown. Contef8S33 1931 FRAZERAVASH interceptor Bronklands Mem. dOWS. Extellent condition. Beat offer or exchange

Riley saloon. Eaves, Dalernoor,” Netherfield Road, Gniseley, Leeds. . 1931 SPEED MODEL 13/80 M.G. 4-neater tourer.te3:-.’ Good hood, tyres. 4145. Box No. (.540. MOTOR SPOILT, 15, City. Road, E.C.1. . _ AUSTIN SEVEN 2•Seater sports. Entirely conetrueted 1953 in finest materials. Built on J-type M.G. lines with fold-flut fiercezi straight throngh. sexphozTfit1.5e.tec.ityNrieoaneeds.tre5.1.. Box No. G541,, Morns

(8541 VINTAGE AUSTIN SEVEN 4-seater tourer. Excceiltlyesiikoarty. E.1.

runner. Box No. G542. MOroa SPORT. 15. [8542