Institute Of Advanced Motorists

On June 12th the inaugural meeting of the Institute of Advanced Motorists took place at the Waldorf Hotel, London. The object of this non-profit-making organisation is to improve the standard of driving and increase road safety. A thirty-mile test under the vigilance of qualified instructors will be applicable and emphasis will be on courtesy, safety and the absence of bad driving habits. Any faults disclosed during the test will be pointed out to the examinee and advanced driving classes will later be available for those that wish to take them.

Advantages of the scheme which is to cost £2 2s. for the test, plus 10s. annual subscription, are a car badge and reduced insurance premiums, approximately 15 per cent. reduction in the first year and 30 per cent, the following year being obtainable. A skidpan is to be made available in the London area for tuition and practice, but this is not incorporated in the test. Arrangements are being made for motor-cyclists and commercial vehicle drivers also to take the test which is entirely voluntary.- I.G.