24-Hour Race Le Mans 1,000 K’s Nurburgring Belgian Grand Prix Brands Hatch Dutch Grand Prix

BRITAIN DOMINATED.—Except for the first mile of the first lop when Graham Hill shot into the lead, the Ferraris dominated the Belgian Grand Prix which was held on the fast Spa-Francorcharnps circuit. Behind Hill is the winner, Phil Hill, while in the Ferrari sandwich of von Trips (left), Ginther (right) is the Yeoman Credit Cooper driven by Surtees, which was the first Climax-engined car to finish.

THE 11 INNER. — Olivier Gendebien, who took the first stint: in the winning Ferrari at Le Mans peers-, through the regulation windscreen as he roundsArnage:

CROWDED. — Soon after the start Roy ..Salvadort’s DBRI leads Kerguen’s DB4 G.7′. under the Dunlop Bridge, while on: the left Ritchie Gin, ther (left) churns up the dust as he passes. Moss in the G.7. Ferrari. On the right) No. 9 is one of the 1/12-engined Type 63

Maserat is.

CLOSE.–Cutting it fine at the Esses arc the Vinatier/Zecoll Fiat-Abarth. Spider which crashed ‘early in the race and the Harper/Proctor Stint beam Alpine. with -Harrington hard-top and faired in head/amps -which won the Index of Thermal


PARDON ME !— The occupant of the Reed/ ‘,rents zso G.T. Ferrari receives a nasty shock .when he entered the Esses and found this new rearengined D.B. of Moynet Vidilles gyrating in his path; some heavy braking and a quick swerve avoided contact, but the D,B.’s continued to annoy the drivers of fast carsas

Us previous years.

NOT “LUCKY” this time; Llovd” Lucky” Gamer co-drove’ one of his Camoradi Maseratis to victen. in the Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometres with Masten Gregory and turned in a fast, steady

performance. Here, Gregory is coming through the South Turn.

LOLA M.V.:CESSES at Neerburgring were Concoct rated in the small capacity classes. Lolas won the 1..15o c.c. sports class and Elites won the 1,300 c.c. 0.7′. class and the 2,60o c.c. sports class. Here, the class winning Clint Kerrisonf Peter Sargent Lola swishes through the


liNL1rCKY.— Phil Hill and ” Taffy” von Trips led for much of the I ,000 Kihnnares, but raise and snow got into the 1011VTCY over the engine causing it to misfire, dropping the car back, and eventually I fill spun, diluting the banks several times and putting the car out

of the race.

TOO PAST for the Porsches were the rearengined Ferraris. Not even .Uoss could get ilw I.7-hre Porsche into the lead and Moss and Graham Hill held third or fourth place until just be/ore half distance when the

engine blew up.

IICTOR.—Unchallenged from the drop of the .flag to ate drop Of the chequered flog, von Trips drove his Ferrari to a very fine victory in the Dutch G.P. Here, with tail slightly hanging out, he takes the left-hander behind the paddock.

77: MTG.—Jimmy Clark slides the new G.P. Lotus our of the lefthander behind the Z.andvoort Pits as he makes a grand effort to catch the leading Ferrari. This power oversteering became more diIiie.ult to control as the car lightened towards the end of the race and Jimmy

lost ground so the Ferraris in the last half-hour.


OPPOSITION.—The only opposition to the Ferrari supremacy at the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort came from the new Lotus driven by

Yimmy Clark. le after time lw nipped ahead of Phil Hill’s Ferrari, os seen above.

DICES.Individual battles raged right through the field at various stages of the Dutch G.P. On the left and in the latter part of the race, /Sloss caught Ginther’s Ferrari and used all his great skill to pass on the last lap to beat. him by a nose. On the rig/it Graham Hill (B.R.M.) and Brablion’s Cooper kept very close company for several laps until the B.R.M. rotated suddenly and Brabham got well away.

1:1..—One of tlw most interesting battles in the Belgian Grand Prix was that which vent on between jack Brabham in his works Cooper and ban Gurney in a works Porsche. In the picture on the left Brabham lifts a front wheel in his effort to keep ahead but tlw Coventry-Climax engine cried enough going past the pits and the Cooper expired in a cloud of smoke (right).


I. L’ ETF R .11 I l’ION. — Per from .q.art is lit the Belgian Ilere Phil NM 1,’J,Is teammate ” I’afly ” von Tripc out of the l.a Source


OFF 1ORA1.–jimmy Clark with a brand new Lotus had gear selector trouble in the opening lap, and lost so much time in the pit that he never stood a chance, of a position.

FIRST ENGLISHMAN.—john Surtees in the Yeoman Credit Cooper-Climax disappears over the horizon in pursuit of Graham Hill in the B.R.M.-Climax. Surtees finished fifth behind the four Ferraris and Graham Hill retired with various troubles after his exhaust pipe broke off.