FOR YEARS, in more than 80 countries, Veedol Motor Oils have been acknowledged leaders. Many Continental car manufacturers recommend Veedol as the finest oil for high-performance engines. Continental rally drivers and tourists have been bringing Veedol back with them to Britain. From now on, they and you will be able to buy the world-famous Veedol right here. Three grades of Veedol Motor Oil are now available in Britain … 10-30 Multigrade, giving *EPA

Veedol Heavy Duty Plus and Multigrade oils have an exclusive difference: Veedol EPA—a special concentration of Zinc Dithlophosphate which gives better engine protection against extreme pressures, temperatures and chemical attack. We call it EPA—EXTRA PROTECTION ADDITIVE. Recognise Veedol by the flying V trademark and by can colour: RED for Heavy Duty Plus, WHITE for Multigrade, GREEN for Premium. Ask for Veedol today at your garage, or write direct to: VEEDOL Villiers House, Strand London, W.C.2

greater performance and reduced engine wear under all running conditions. . . Heavy Duty Plus —an unsurpassed oil in this country for all high performance engines … Premium Grade for those who prefer a high quality non-multigrade oil.

Right now you may have to go a little out of your way to get Veedol, but those who’ve used Veedol will know it’s well worth it. Those who have yet to discover Veedol will soon know why it’s so popular with motorists who care about lubrication.