VETERAN AND EDWARDIAN MOTOR CARS, by D. Scott-Moncrieff. A survey of the development in design of the motor car up to the start of the First World War in 1914. The makes AC., Humber, Lagonda, Napier, Rolls.Royce, Vauxhall, Bugatti, Mercedes and -de Dion Bouton are but some of the makes used as examples in this thesis. 256 pages, 137 illustrations 26/6 VINTAGE MOTOR CAR POCKET BOOK, by Clutton, Bird and Harding. A make by make pocketsized reference book giving picture, description, data and technical information on over 400 vintage cars. The coverage is divided between 160 different makes of British, European and American cars … … 9/6 VINTAGE CARS IN COLOUR, by Barron and Tubbs. Contains twenty-eight full colour plates of motor cars, which are classic examples of their day and age. The period covered is from thb early nineteenhundreds to nineteen-thirty-six. Accompanying each Picture is a brief technical description and hiStory-… 13/6 THE RACING DRIVER, by Denis Jenkinson. The theory and practice of competition driving by this leading Motor-racing journalist who on innumerable occasions has driven beside Fangio, Hawthorn and Moss. The text is interspersed with many accounts of the styles of many CARS OF THE CONNOISSEUR, by Buckley. A make by make illustrated survey of the growth and development of the following makes, famous for their

thoroughbred designs : Rolls-Royce. Hispano-Suiza, Mercedes.Benz, Bentley, Invicta. Lagonda, Bugatti, Deluge, Ballot, Talbot., ISOCCA Fraschini, Frazer Nash. Alfa Romeo. Aston Martin, Duesenberg. Cord. Packard. and Stutz. 272 pages … 31/6 THE SPORTS CAR, by Stanford. An interesting review of evolution development and the design of the car for sporting use fron) 1903 to 1957. As well as technical information Mr. Stanford has included some lively reports of races as well as results. 224 pages, 101 illus

trations .. THE RACING CAR DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN, by Glutton, Posthumus and Jenkinson. A wealth of technical information on racing cars, their history and a review of their design and development. Also included are racing reports and results. 288 pages, 105

illustrations … SPORTS CAR BODYWORK, by B. W. Locke. A thoroughly practical handbook for the amateur who wishes to build a body for his sports car. Gives in great detail step by step instructions on the fabrication of wooden-framed, metal-framed and fibreglass bodies. A full section is devoted to the correct mounting procedure for proprietary bodyshells. A feature of this book is the collection of six large folding working drawings. 120 pages 31/6 SIR HENRY SEGRAVE, by C. Posthumus. The story of the greatest driver of the Vintage era (winner of the 1923 French Grand P.ix in a Sunbeam). A vividly written book finely illustrated with photographs from Sir Henry’s own albums. Includes much Sunbeam. Talbot and Darracq reminiscences and speed attempts of the ‘twenties. 228 pages, 62 lllustratiobs 22/3 THE MOTOR CAR 1760-1914, by T. Bird. A review of the early ancestors of the motor car and of the developments and technical advances of the Veteran era. 254 pages THE RESTORATION OF VINTAGE AND THOROUGHBRED CARS, by Wheatley and Morgan. Gives the fullest and most comprehensive information on how to go about, and the preparation for, the restoration of worthwhile cars. Recognised in motoring circles as the standard work on the art of restoring. 192 pages, 70 illustrations … 31/6 THE BRITISH COMPETITION CAR, by C. Posthumus. A study of British achievements and failures in Grand Prix and Sports Car Racing from the golden age of the Napiers to the world domination of the Cooper. The reign of Bentleys and Jaguars at Le Mans are also covered. 256 pages … … 26/6 THE CONSTRUCTION OF FORD SPECIALS, by Mills. This book gives all the pessthle information required on designing, stripping, tuning, etc., when building a 1172 Special. 120 pages … … 19/3 MOTORISTS’ WEEKEND BOOK, by Fristick. Perhaps the most entertaining book on motors and motoring to be published. Its subject matter consists of stories, accounts, reports and information covering all forms and periods of motoring. Could be described as a motoring library in one volume. 250 pages 26/6 THE VINTAGE MOTOR CAR, by Clutton and Stanford. A survey of automobile engineering And activity in that great period of evolution of the motor car 1919 to 1930. Makes used to trace trends in design are as follows : Alfa Romeo, Alvin, Aston. Bentley, Bugatti, lovicta, Lagonda, Lancia, Lea-Francis, M.G.. Sunbeam. Talbot, Vauxhall, Ballot, Deluge, Fiat, S.T.D., Daimler. Duesenberg, Hispano Suiza. Rolls-Royce. 240 pages, 88 illustrations … … 26/6