B.R.M. F.1

Engine: B.R.M. 16 cylinders in H-formation as two horizontally-opposed eight cylinders one above the other; four camshafts on each side of the engine; bore and stroke 68.95/48.89 mm. (2,999 c.c.); Lucas port fuel injection; Lucas transistor ignition; one 10 mm. sparking plug per cylinder; 400 b.h.p. at 10,000 r.p.m. on 98/100 octane Shell petrol.
Gearbox: B.R.M. 6-speed and reverse in unit with final drive.
Brakes: Discs, with rears mounted inboard of hub carriers.
Wheels : Alloy, 14 in. diameter. Tyres: 5.50/14 front, 7.00/14 rear.
Dimensions: Wheelbase: 94 in. Track: front, 56 1/2 rear, 56 1/2 in.