What shall we do with poor Willim Boddy?

I read with satisfaction the Editorial dig at Anne Edwards, of the Sunday Express, but was a little surprised when turning the page to find that, in your remarks concerning oil additives, you are perhaps as guilty as that good lady when it comes to embarrassing advertising managers.

Granted if you took a completely neutral attitude on every subject Motor Sport would not make the excellent reading that it does, but when forming the Editorial opinion should you not at least have investigated both sides of the argument rather than adopt this “what was good enough for my father and his father before him” attitude.

Our technical staff would like the opportunity of explaining to you the properties of “whatever it is” and how it can be used to advantage as a supplement to the lubricating oil in a motor car. Then, even if your views remain unshaken, we will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that your opinion is based on reasoning and not prejudice.

London, E.C.3. C. Cliff, Manager, Molyslip Trading Ltd.
[Fine! But it will have to make my car more economical, or faster, or something, without impairing the reliability/durability factor, because, as has been said, poor old Bill Boddy finds the bearings and mechanical parts of the cars he drives fully protected by Castrol.—Ed]