Let Justice Be Done

Readers have been sending us cuttings relating to two accidents involving Police Panda patrol-cars. In one of these a Police driver of a Ford Escort emerged from a light-controlled crossing near Oxford and collided with a Wolseley and a Ford Zephyr. The policeman and a five-year-old girl in the Wolseley were detained in hospital. In the other case a Police Panda car was driven out of a side road into another car. The driver said he expected to be given right of way because of his blue light, but, in fact, this light was not working. He pleaded not guilty and was given an absolute discharge by Birmingham Stipendiary Court. But in Portland Magistrates' Court a civilian driver was fined £5 and had to pay £7 2s. 6d. costs because he failed to declare his previous convictions when filling up an application form for a public service vehicle driving licence. He had omitted to declare forgery offences, being under the impression that the question on the form referred to motoring offences; he had a clean driving licence. So, if you are thinking of becoming a 'bus or coach driver, don't forget to tell Big Brother about the time you forgot to renew the dog licence or were fined for not having a radio licence or any other civil offence, no matter how trivial or distant or how little hearing it has on your driving ability.