Fresh Air Saloon

Remember those balmy hot days in June, that week of sun that caught us all by surprise? Well some of us have got a tan as a legacy. No we did not have time to lie in the sun but we have recently had an editorial Cooper Mini fitted with a Tudor Webasto sun roof.

Perhaps a sun roof is only an asset on such rare days but it certainly made us realise just what a boon such a device can be. Instead of stifling in the heat at traffic lights with the sun not really getting at you, with the roof slid back those rays can really penetrate.

The procedure for fitting the roof is simple and quick. Obviously the major operation is cutting a hole in the roof but Tudor Webasto have this to a fine art. Once the sliding section is fitted and the head-lining cleaned up you would never know that it hadn’t been there in the first place.

Webasto claim that no loss of rigidity occurs and in fact the opening is reinforced so no one should have any qualms on this score. In fact Webasto have submitted modified cars to the manufacturers for checking and they have confirmed this.

Our car also had the optional Wind Deflector fitted. The purpose of this is to make it possible for the passengers in the rear seats to have a less blowy ride when the car is driven at speed with the roof open. The deflector, made from Oroglas Acrylic plastic, can be stuck up into the airstream. We have not checked with the F.I.A. but we understand it is not affected by the recent ban on aerodynamic devices over 20 cm, from the top of the wheels.

When the roof is newly fitted it tends to be rather stiff in operation but once all the material has stretched it becomes simplicity itself. When the roof is shut, the p.v.c.-coated canvas lies flat and does not create any additional wind noise.

In the first month the polished alloy side runners need cleaning with cotton wool dampened with lighter fuel until the metal is bright and shining and the runners oiled. After that the occasional drop of oil is the only service the roof needs apart from cleaning.

Our roof has now been fitted for some four months and is showing no signs of deterioration and does not let in any water despite the worst the weatherman could provide.

We get little enough fresh air and sun in this land particularly if you drive a motor car for several hours a day. Tudor Webasto offer a range of roofs for most popular cars and there are fitting stations spread all over the country. Depending on the model, the roofs start at about £60. If you feel that fresh air and sunshine are worth this then why not drop a line to Tudor Webasto Sun Roofs Ltd. at Llanvanor Road, Childs Hill, London N.W.2, and ask for their brochure.