Art, from Fiat

The Publicity Department of Fiat (England) Ltd. is marketing four framed and glazed pictures, of generous size, of advertising layouts issued by the great Italian Company in the past. The four pictures, in colour, are respectively of an 1899 Fiat voiturette, the heraldic layout issued to popularise the Fiat 1400 when it was a new car, that famous, or ill-famous, portrait of a lady-of-fashion striding towards a Balilla, captioned “le nuova BALILLA per tutti—eleganza della Signora” (this picture is in its earlier form, before the lady’s seductive bottom had been subdued at, rumour has it, the Pope’s command—but I bet he remained a Fiat customer), and a speed impression issued around 1923 to publicise Fiat’s first and second placing its that year’s European Grand Prix at Monza (Salamano/ Nazzaro).

These prints, commemorating famous old Fiat advertising campaigns, can be bought from Fiat’s Publicity Department, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex for £40 the set of four. See them in the Fiat showrooms. now.—W.B.