Regular Use of the Older Cars


Reference Mr. de Little’s letter in your May issue. Yes, do keep them on the roads; there are many very understanding garages about from whom to get your MoTs. I am the very proud owner of a rather well-worn 1928 Ford Model A which still averages some 200 miles a week. I often receive a lot of criticism for using the car such a lot, this coming from owners of mollicoddled V St V cars with a multitude of re-manufactured parts, thus enabling them to “look” original.

Since purchasing my “A” in New Zealand in 1973 I have driven the car home to UK! Along with a sister 1930 Fordor (4 door!) we drove around Sri-Lanka, then on to India, often leaving the beaten track far behind, into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and on to the UK. This trip covered a mere 11,000 miles, during which the “As” climbed up to 11,000 feet above sea level, mine on half a radiator after a fan blade had parted company from its fellows and destroyed some 12 tubes! No bother. We covered a further 6,000 miles in this condition before the other three blades, along with the hub, went through the remainder of the radiator, in Asia (off the road for two days only). We often drove in temperatures in excess of 100°F. Still no bother. Can you imagine the average modern “car” doing this? Our “As” carried four people (each), 200 lb. of spare parts, 20 gallons of spare oil/water and fuel, tools, camping gear, our own kit, occasional hitchhikers, and many other bits and pieces.

In the last few months my “A” has toured France, Holland, Germany, Luxemburg, and Belgium, covering some 1,500 miles. Last Easter she was driven almost non-stop from Maidenhead to Aviemore, without the slightest bother. At present she is in the Lake District.

Other owners often criticise the fact that I have a 1930-type steering wheel, blue (instead of black) wheels, a few dents, and tatty paintwork. But all parts were once on an “A”. It may have an M registration but it’s a reliable hard-working vintage car and has by no means finished its travel.

All you fellow users, keep on using them. After all they were built as a means of transport and for enjoyment, not to stare at in a better-than-new state. Show the world what proper cars were like! A not-sowell-worn owner with a well-worn/used car.

Littlewick Green. DON YORKE