The 30/98


Having -owned and driven many 30/98s in the 20s may I correct the particulars you give in the June issue of Motor Sport.

(1) The OE was 4 1/4-litres not 4 1/2. The sidevalve was 4 1/2-litres.

(2) The OE in standard form with the normal 3.3 to 1 rear axle was good always of 96 m.p.h. at just under 3,300 r.p.m. (More the standard 30/98s would not do as valve bounce came in at about 3,275.)

The alternative 3 to 1 ratio gave 105 m.p.h.

At that time the world land speed record was 150 m.p.h. and this plus the manner in which the “30/914 moved along the King’s Highway in might and Majesty and gulped giant gradients with greed and gusto” (this was in their 1924 and 25 catalogues, does anyone know the rest?), is why this car was the greatest of them all.

Folkestone H. H. B. BEACON