Replica Reality


I was delighted to read “Replica Isn’t-Real” in your June issue.

It is vital for the future of the entire transport preservation movement that a clear understanding of the difference between Replica and Original be firmly established, otherwise the Replica will so easily slip into the mists of time before it has been defined and recorded.

Having been a collector of books and pictures all my life I have long recognised and appreciated the aesthetic as well as the monetary value of the Original for, by its very nature, it is a different animal to the Replica.

The answer lies with the Clubs and thus with the owners themselves. The sooner that they realise that there is no stigma attached to the word “replica” the sooner they will be prepared to assist in forming clear-cut definitions which in turn should lead to proper records.

This question has been debated within the Rolls-Royce Enthusiast’s’ Club and you may he interested in a Paper which I wrote on the subject.

Ascot JOHN SCHRODER Vice-Chairman, RREG