Baby BMW


I read with interest in your June issue the mention in “Book Reviews” of “BMW— The Bavarian Motor Works”.

I was running a twin-cylinder BMW LS Luxus saloon until quite recently. Its engine capacity was 700 c.c. and, although resembling the motorcycle engine, was in fact totally different, being purpose-built for the car. It really was a superb car but rarely gave more than 32 mpg. because it was quite heavy. Handling and roadholding were extraordinarily good but the gearchanging, heating and ventilation were awful. Top speed was about 80 m.p.h. hut it would hold this fairly quietly and effortlessly with better acceleration than a Mini but rather poor hill-climbing ability. Use of space and in terior room was very good and even the engine compartment could take luggage be cause the flat-twin engine was under the floor. The tar is still chugging round Manchester.

Its a pity people class this model as an “economy” car because, with sonic development (and at a reasonable price !) it could still be a damn good family car. With BMW’s current 900-c.c, twin it would he quite quick but would probably fail as it already did through being overpriced.

Manchester D. CARDALL