Saab Error


With reference to your Road-Test Miscellany article by “W.B.” on the Saab 99 GL Combi Coupe, I would like to draw your attention to the remarks: “The o.h.c Triumph Dolomite engine started instantly” and “The five hearing, alloy head Leyland


It is a common misconception that the engine powering the Saab 99 is purely of British Leyland design.

Saab information released in July 1970 sums up the situation clearly.

Quote: “The manufacture of the fourcylinder petrol engine for the Saab 99, developed jointly by Saab and British Leyland, will according to an agreement drawn up in 1969 gradually he transferred to Sweden. Production will he allocated to Saab-Scania at Sodertalje, where a modern plant is being built for this purpose. Production will start at the turn of the year 1971-1972.”

So considering Saab have been designing and producing their own engine independently in Sweden since 1971, I think perhaps your information is inaccurate as regards a 1976 Saab 99 Combi Coupe.

JANET NORMAN (Mrs.) St. Peter’s, Guernsey.