Traction Engine Rallies

Normally we list some of the traction-engine rallies due to take place, as these are of interest to many readers and often include vintage vehicle displays. However, this year we cannot do better than tell you that the National Traction Engine Club has issued a list of 100 approved rallies of this sort, with their categories, of which 67 have still to be held, at venues all over the country. This list costs 10p and we suggest that those interested send this with, say, 9p extra for postage, to the NTEC, mentioning Motor Sport. The person to write to is A. G. Wilson, 7 Welton Rd., Daventry, Northants, NN1 i 5PP, cheques or POs payable to the NTEC. Incidentally, the May issue of the Club’s journal, Steaming, contains an interesting account of the John o’Groats-Land’s End Run undertaken by five steam-waggons, four Sentinels, one of 1914 vintage, and a 1928 Foden, with some fuel consumption figures. – W.B.