Delightful Dolomite


With reference to A. De Vere-Smythe's letter in the March issue of Motor Sport.

I too am the delighted owner of a Triumph Dolomite Sprint and also consider it a vastly underrated motor car.

Purchased in 1974 it has completed 15,000 miles and so far the only fault has been the mechanical petrol pump, which leaked and which I have replaced with an electric one.

I obtained a speed of 117 m.p.h. in England before bringing it to S. Africa in October '74. It is as steady as a rock at all speeds.

The performance is very similar to my S3 Continental Bentley, needless to say with the exception of the running costs!

Is it true that the production of this model has been discontinued? if so, why?

It must be one of the best Triumphs ever produced.

S. Coast, Natal, S. Africa R. W. LANGTON

(The Dolomite Sprint remains in production, and will do so for the foreseeable future, says Leyland. In fact production of all the Dolomite range ceased for a couple of months during the dramas at the Speke factory. Ed.)