Good Service.


In a world where complaints are rife at the lack of service etc, I must write briefly to describe a recent pleasing occurrence.

After purchasing a repair kit in UK, for my Range Rover based in Qatar, during my leave in UK. I returned to Qatar after and soon overhauled the faulty servo. However, whilst the braking had improved immeasurably the brake pedal was very slow in coming off and on occasion after use I had to “drive through them”. I wrote to the manufacturers of the servo repair kit, Automotive Products Ltd, Banbury, Oxon, (Service Dept.), giving them full details.

Within three weeks of my letter, I had an answer giving me full details and advice, with the offer of more if necessary, and also, by air mail, a free gratis replacement valve assembly. In fact the fault lay in the valve assembly that I had fitted. After fitting the new valve assembly the brakes achieved the standard one would expect, and are now excellent with a swift pedal return.

It is most encouraging to witness such services in a world of incomplete services all round and I cannot praise Automotive Products enough.

Thank you for your excellent magazine which, 11 months of the year arrives on the 1st day of the due month.

Joseph M Disney, Qatar, Arabian Gulf