Obituary: LP Driscoll

As we close for press we learn, with deep regret, of the death at his home in Hayling Island, from cancer, at the age of 82, of LP (“Pat”) Driscoll. Driscoll’s Brooklands’ career went back to 1920, when he had his first race there on an Indian Power Plus. He switched to Nortons and, joining the O’Donovan stable in 1924, he began his great career on these machines, racing and record-breaking, and becoming especially proficient on sidecar outfits. Zenith and AJS machines also figured and Driscoll gained his 100 m.p.h. BMCRC “Gold Star” in 1930.

Switching to car racing with a Lea-Francis, Driscoll was soon signed on by Sir Herbert Austin as No 1 driver of the Austin team, driving the fast side-valve and twin-cam 750 c.c. Austins with Dodson, Goodacre and Mrs Kay Peter and helping to develop these very fast little cars. Driscoll’s record work included 122.74 m.p.h. on Southport sands and the Brooklands Mountain-circuit class record for Austin at 74.95 m.p.h., in 1935. In the 1930s Pat’s Austin 10/4 saloon was a well-known Paddock habituee, as its owner drove in many races and sprints. When I interviewed Driscoll for Motor Sport in 1971 I was astonished by his memory for facts and figures. Our condolences to his family. — WB.