K. N. Hutchison

It is with great sadness that we learn that Kenneth Noel (“Nonie”) Hutchinson died in Italy on May 17th, at the age of 76. A great enthusiast for competition motoring, Hutchinson started with a chain-drive Frazer Nash and a Type 37 Bugatti, and quickly proved his prowness by taking the Donington Park lap-record with the Bugatti in 1933. He then turned to trials-driving, ordering from his friend Sydney Allard the latest in Allard to latest i allard Specials and being forever remembered for his stirring driving of his V12 Lincoln-engined allard, with which he gained many successes. We remember riding with Hutch through the 1938 Experts Trial in his hairy V8 “Tailwagger” Allard, when he was one of the winning tream Hutch also drove in sprint events, acquiring the 2.9-litre ex-Ashby P3 Alfa Romeo for the purpose, tuned by Robin Jackson, and was a member of the BRDC. He made ftd at Bo’ness in 948 and second-fastest time at Shelsley Walsh in 1947, etc. A wealthy Company Director of Fry’s Metal Works. Hutchison lived for a time at Headley Grove, Farnham, Surrey. the former home of Sir Malcolm Campbell, which he purchased from the Gaekwar of Baroda. Throughout his competition career he had the constant support of his charming wife Kitty (nee Brunell), who was as keen on long-distance exciting motoring as Ken was. Our deepest condolences to Kitty and to all hutch’s many friends here and abroad – W.B.