30/98 Register

By courtesy of Vauxhall Motors Ltd, the Vauxhall 30/98 Register has published a revised listing of these cars. Very nicely produced, it has a fine colour cover picture of GE Milligen’s 1924 Velox which he has owned since 1927.

From this register we learn that there are no survivors of the 13 pre-war E-types, but that 34 of the 275 post-war examples do still exist, as do 132 of the 312 OE 30/98s — though we are saddened to note that 13 of the latter have new chassis frames and are thus not genuine.

There is plenty of information against each entry, including the names of former owners of surviving 30/98s, 69 are in Australia (which explains the Bentley Drivers Club crack that more than half the production of these cars had to be sold to Australians, who knew no better than to part with their money for them), eight in the USA, five in New Zealand, three in South Africa and one each in Canada and Argentina. Twelve known “Prince Henry” Vauxhalls are also listed, of which seven are in Australia!

It is excellent that such a register has been compiled, something which is of course much easier with cars which were not mass-produced, like the vintage Bentleys! If you want a copy, apply to D Marsh, The Garden House, Middleton-by-Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE4 1LS.