Going down


Having been a subscriber and reader of Motor Sport for over 23 years I feel qualified to voice my opinion of F1 racing as it appears to the supposed millions of spectators in 1993. My criteria for women, at the risk of being chauvinistic, is that they should be attractive, appealing and stylish. I can think of no more appropriate adjectives to describe my requirements for F1 racing.

My present view of F1 racing shows a slow deterioration of the qualities required to keep this class of motor racing as a pinnacle of world motorsport. A class purporting to be such a pinnacle should not allow itself to become controversial through the machinations and politics which have manifested themselves of late.

I consider the proposed demise of F3000 and the increased interest in Indycar racing to be the writing on the wall. How tragic it would be to watch F1 racing wither as a result of suicide. Never before has a defection, such as Nigel Mansell's to USA, taken on such appeal. British tradition should not allow this appeal to grow at the expense of the established class of F1racing when we have our Hill, Herbert, Warwick, Brundle and Blundell to fly the flag.

In the world of sport there is nothing more international (a misused word) than F1 racing. Let it remain attractive, appealing and stylish for another 43 years.

F M Woods,
Harare, Zimbabwe.