V to C Miscellany, July 1994



V to C Miscellany

Arising out of the recent reference in MOTOR SPORT to the 1927 Ensbury Park air races, Barry Stapleton writes to say that his 1928 FWD Alvis was sold by Motor Macs who sponsored aeroplanes at that meeting. It is the first road-equipped four-cylinder FWD Alvis, WK 5485, which Major Harvey drove in practice for the 1928 Essex MC’s Six Hour race at Brooklands. The engine gave trouble and it was a non-starter. Its history is sought, after it had emerged in September that year with another engine and re-registered WK 7349. Motor Macs of Southampton then sold it – a two-seater with body by Carbodies of Coventry. It is now supercharged but no history exists for it since 1928, when it was black with green wheels. If anyone can tell the owner, who bought it in 1986, anything more, letters can be forwarded.

Remember that great happenings are due at Shelsley Walsh on July 2/3. On the Saturday the VSCC stages its annual hillclimb there as part of its Diamond Jubilee weekend, when apart from the usual vintage and historic car entry, 10 ERAs are expected to compete. On the Sunday tradition will be upheld by a class for Shelsley Specials, of which 37 have been nominated already, and another class for aero-engined cars of the AECC, along with the sports cars and Edwardians. Do not forget, also, that the VSCC Jubilee events from July 3/8 based at Malvern will be varied and of great interest. Details from the VSCC Office, 121 Russell Road, Newbury, Berks. With the idea of not being too far from the above-mentioned VSCC action, the Trojan OC will rally to the Verzons near Ledbury on July 3. It will be a busy time because the 750 MC’s National Austin 7 Rally will be held at the NMM at Beaulieu on the same weekend and, if you can turn your back on vintage cars, the Popular Flying

FE °Hawing presentation of the new National Motor Museum Prince Henry Trophy for 1993 to MOTOR SPORT’S WB for his contributions to the world of the historic vehicle and its preservation, this prestigious award was handed to Arthur Jeddere-Fisher and Peter Glover at the VSCC’s 1994 Silverstone meeting by the museum’s curator, Michael Ware. The award recognises their invaluable work in the vitally-important field of the FBHVC, which watches carefully any Euro, or other, restrictions on vintage and historic motoring.

Association has its International Air Rally and Exhibition at Cranfield Airport, Beds, on July 1/3.

Rumour has it that after the aero-engined Cooper-Clerget crashed at Brooklands in 1921 it may have been buried in the rubbish tip at Zborowski’s house. Remembering “Babs”, it is not impossible that it may yet be dug up, if it really still exists, in which case someone might get a 1908 GP Mercedes chassis and a V8 Clerget engine, and possibly other racing-car artefacts that may have ended up there. The house has been empty for some time and on the market for something in the region of a million pounds, which seems to have forestalled any chance of an excavation. The Crossley Register, which looks after all Crossley vehicles from 1904 to 1958 and subsidiary products, has its Cambermere Rally in Shropshire on July 9/10. Issue 27 of its Newsletter contains much very evocative matter from Crossley’s past,

including a reproduction of a colour advertisement, many old photographs, and much about the Crossley-Bugattis, among other interesting items in its 41 pages. Membership costs £13 a year (£16 Overseas). Apply to M jenner, Willow Cottage, Lexham Road, Gt Dunham, King’s Lynn.

n succession to David Sewell, Richard I Day is the new Curator of The Bugatti Trust at Prescott, where an invaluable number of Bugatti records and artefacts are kept, and there are many plans for improvement.

Representative of the many events for older vehicles, the 10th Ludlow Festival on May 6 had an entry of 139 pre-I968 cars, with town parade and a run from Leominster. It has been organised, since 1984, by Philip Reckless, this year with the support of the local police inspector and four councillors. Templar Windscreens’ Commercial Tray was won by a 1964 Dodge 106 P6 truck, Watson’s Silver Cup by a 1949 Y-type MG, Watson’s Shield by a 1932 Rudge motorcycle and the Judges’ Choice Silver Cup by a 1931 Rolls-Royce P2 tourer.

Demonstration runs by cyclecars such as Baughan, Benjamin, Morgan, GN, Tamplin, Bramble, Bedelia and AV Monocar are expected at the VSCC Mallory Park race meeting on July 17. So it is appropriate that the VSCC Light Car Section’s magazine has an article, by Mike Bullet, on the driving techniques cyclecars require . . . The Section’s 1993 Light Car Trophy was awarded to Andrew Tarring, its Ladies’ Trophy to Alexandria Thorpe and the Cyclecar Trophy to George Pitt. he Morgan SCC has its sprint meeting at

Elvington, Yorks, on July 23, to which the Morgan 3-wheeler Club is invited. Details from John Blower, on 0782-311201.

E rom September 10-November 13 the Mill W Green Museum at Hatfield is to run an exhibition of the pre-war Sir Henry Birkin motor works at Welwyn Garden City, where the blower-41/2 Bentleys and other racing cars were prepared for battle; the layout of the works is to be reconstructed and the link with Mike Couper remembered, also displays of some of the unusual work carried out at this racing-car factory. Details from 0707-853502.

IT he annual Bentley DC Silverstone race meeting takes place on August 20, with a Parade of Bentleys as part of the proceedings. n an interesting historical byroad from I the Daily Mail ‘s weekly series The Street Where l Was Born (which would surely make a book) — author Malcolm Bradbury refers to the first car in Macclesfield being driven up the steps of the parish church (?) and had a picture of his pedal-car, the sort made by Lines Bros, intended, 1 think, to represent a Morris, although they made them with R-R and other radiators. W B