On The Wall

A crowd of 2000 braved a chill May wind at Millbrook Proving Ground for the second Brooklands Action Day, promoted by Stanley Mann Racing and Moy Motorsport and supported by Jack Barclay Ltd. It's the only place you can see the vintage behemoths let loose on a banking, and though it isn't racing, the keen types vied to push the speed-readout ever higher: Ivan Dutton (T35), 132mph; Jeffery Pattinson (R6B), 135mph; Stanley Mann (Bentley 3/8), 148mph. David Pennell's 250F made a post-war contrast and hit 144mph, while Berg took the Miller up to 124mph. Especially welcome were the Mercedes SS team from Germany, including Kern's exCampbell car, whose blowers had a rare chance to stay on boost and give the ears a buzz. Ben Collings handled the big 4.9-litre Bugatti T53, but an A7 and a blown MG J supplied small-capacity interest. G C