Williams' other team


Space probably prevented Shaun Campbell from mentioning the brief connection of the mysterious `Williams’ with the leading Anglo French Grand Prix team; Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq.

Briefly, this unknown driver handled cars for STD, the Williams-Renault of his day. He drove both the Grand Prix car in the French GP the race of the year and one of the V12 Tiger/Tigress duo in the Formula Libre.

Accounts of the Grand Prix describe this novice putting up an excellent show, putting pressure on the redoubtable Benoist who led the rival Delage equipe, and allowing Benoist to tow him up to second before a fuel problem dropped him to his final fourth place.

‘Williams’ in that race replaced the British national hero, Henry Segrave. STD possibly wanted one British driver, and these were a bit thin on Grand Prix experience in 1927, but there were Campbell and Eyston, while George Duller and Jack Scales had both recently won races for STD on this same Monthlery track. STD pulled out of GP racing after this same race.

So `Williams’ found his career in tatters? Not a bit. He joined the works Bugattis.

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Scott Thomson, Masterton, New Zealand