Thousand Mile Trial

By Elizabeth Bennet ISBN: 0-9537930-0-1

Published by Elizabeth Bennett, £35.00

Mrs Elizabeth Bennett, besides editing the VC C’s Gazette, has most industriously produced what will without doubt become the standard work on the innovative 1900 Thousand-Mile Trial, which put motor cars before the public.

The event went round England and into Scotland, so the adventures en route were many. This is no ordinary history book, however. The standard is of the highest class, the number of contemporary illustrations, always so difficult to find from such a pioneer period, quite remarkable.

Amazingly the entire account is there, from the opening preliminaries to a full reproduction of the programme, the results, and much more besides. Indeed, a landmark volume, which is also in itself a landmark for the veteran car movement as a whole, presented in top quality and style which makes it entirely suitable for these accolades. No one who is remotely interested in early automotive history or veteran cars in general can fail to be impressed, or not be glad to own a copy.

Thousand Mile Trial is available for £35 plus £10 P&P (Europe £16, rest of world £25) for the 376page 8.1/2 x l2in hardback edition. Even in standard form it is of well bound and high quality construction which needs quite a strong arm to lift, while numbered limited edition leather-bound copies cost £200 each. Orders to the author at Lanrick, Back Lane, Cross-in-Hand, Heathfield, E Sussex TN21 0ND. The website (and I wish I knew what this is!): WB