Two for the bookshelf

I have never ceased to enthuse over Karl Ludvigsen's studious and complete coverage of the technical aspects and history of all the Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz racing cars, as published by Bond/Parkhurst of California (ISBN 087880 009 3, 1971).

Now we have this author's descriptions of Classic Racing Engines (ISBN 1 59560 649 0, Haynes Publishing, Yeovil, £25), from the 1913 3-litre Peugeot to the 1994 31/2-litre Mercedes-Benz power units.

Each engine evaluation is neatly contained in four pages of photographs, drawings, specification tables and text. Of much interest to technical historians and a useful rapid reference for motoring writers, I would have liked a little more coverage of current and recent racing power units. But use and enjoy what there is.

Mercedes in Motorsport — Pioneers To Perfection is Alan Henry's tribute to this racing-car participant, who at present has only Ferrari to haul in with its Ilmor-Mercedes engines in McLaren chassis, and which in the past has dominated racing whenever it has felt like doing so.

Alan, as one of our top grand prix writers, gives a fine review of all this, mostly about the pure racing Mercedes but the great sportscars are also included, with fine pictures, although obviously some of these are old favorites. The book is presented on large pages of fine paper. It is up to date, too, as it comes up to the year 2000. (ISBN 1 85960 658 , Haynes Publishing, Yeovil, £25.00).

Colour pictures are of great quality, and rallying is not forgotten. Three-Pointed-Star supporters, here is another one to add to your collection.