Aston Martin's milk monitor


I much enjoyed Gordon Cruickshank’s article on Aston Martin CMC 614 and Derrick Edwards. I was interested to read that he had purchased the car in 1963; I thought he had it much earlier, or maybe he ran and prepared it for someone else.

I have always claimed that it was Derrick who kindled my interest in motorsport. In the early 1950s, in my early teens, I delivered milk to Derek at Oppidans Equipe, his garage/workshop close to Primrose Hill. At that time Derek had two Aston Ulste_rs, a Connaught A-Type and a 3-litre Sunbeam GP car. I was under the impression that CMC 614 was one of the Astons in his garage.

I met Derek a few years ago at a Silverstone VSCC meeting and reminisced. He claimed that the Aston had by that time competed in 2000 or so events of one type or another!

I am, Yours etc, Gerry Cannon, Middlesex