Topping the ton and stopping

The 0-100-0 mph lark, sorry, test, is on again. Exciting proof of a car’s potency, but hardly very practical. Timing acceleration is one thing, cramming the brakes on hard as soon as the target speed is reached is something else. It punishes tyres and clutch at step-off, the brakes thereafter, in a manner not associated with normal driving — which is why at one time Motor Sport

I think this 0-100-0 thing began in 1958. We tried it, not just once but until we had achieved an impressive figure, with a Facel Vega FVX lent for road-test by George Abecassis of HW Motors, who were the British agents.

When we returned the car George looked angrily at it: “You must have driven it very hard for the brakes to overheat and damage the Alfin drums.” We feigned surprise.

I cannot understand why so many 150/200mph-plus supercars are being produced when one’s driving licence is in jeopardy if you dare to exceed 70/80 mph. Why are those, like pop stars, TV presenters, show girls, drug dealers, almost all sports persons from snooker players to bike racers, and Lottery winners — but not in my experience motoring writers — who can afford such cars, buying them when less powerful, more economical ones seem better suited to the prevailing global climate?

But they are, and I suppose that 0-200-0 will soon be a factor by which they will be judged.