Classic Endurance Racing



May 13/14 Spa

From a disappointing 17-car grid, Italian Stefano Rosina (right) had a straightforward race to victory in the Classic Endurance Racing opener. Starting his heavily-campaigned Lola T70Mk3B from pole position, he calmly drove clear of his pursuers to win by 30sec after an hour of racing.

Allen Timpany had a spell in second place in his Chevron B19, then traded the place with the Porsche 917 of Jean-Marc Luco. For several laps it was cat and mouse until the Porsche driver made 917-power count and pulled away. Timpany completed the podium finishers.

The other 917 on the grid, that of Christophe D’Ansembourg, pitted with a misfire. That gave the Porsche 908/3 of the Miloe brothers, Jean-Louis and Jérôme, a distant fourth place.

Results: 1 Stefano Rosina (Lola T70 Mk3B) 2 Jean-Marc Luco (Porsche 917) 3 Allen Timpany (Chevron B19) Fastest lap Rosina 2m 33.432s