Tour Auto Lissac

April 25th-29 France

For the sixth time, Hans Hugenholtz clinched overall victory on the Tour Auto Lissac as crews worked their way from Paris to Cannes in four days packed with races and rally stages.

The Dutchman's Lotus Elan (heading Ferrari, Mustang and Elan at Dijon, left) was always in the leading pack, and was ideally placed to capitalise when the Elan of 2005 winner John Sheldon hit mechanical diffculties in the race at Ledenon.

Sheldon had been very quick from the start, winning the opening special stage, but the problem in the event's final race cost him another victory. Instead, it was Fréderic Puren who took second in the main pre-65 category in his Jaguar E-type, despite fuel problems at Magny Cours which limited him to seventh place there.

Co-driven by Fred Gallagher, Yves Junne took his Porsche 910 to victory in Group G for 1966-71 cars, and French legend and former Alpine works driver Jean Ragnotti was a popular winner in Group H for 1972-76 cars in his Alpine-Renault A110.

Results: 1 Hans Hugenholtz (Lotus Elan) 2 Fréderic Puren (Jaguar E-type) 3 Jean-Pierre Lajournade (Lotus Elan)