Preserve the drivers




How grateful we should be for Max Mosley’s wise attempts to stop historic racing cars being damaged at the hands of irresponsible owners who thoughtlessly choose to use them as… umm… historic racing cars.

But clearly he doesn’t go far enough. What about racing drivers? Once drivers have won a significant number of races, and therefore become historically important, surely for their own safety they should be ‘encouraged’ not to race any more. Rather, they should be preserved in a glass case in a museum, only to be brought out for chat shows and ‘demonstration drives’ at Formula One races, which would feature drivers who look a bit like them…

So, why should historic racing cars be raced? The Parting Shot photograph in the same issue said it all. You don’t get that in a museum, but you do at the Goodwood Circuit Revival.

Kevin Meeks, Warfield, Berkshire