F-stops, pitstops, laughter and tears

Bernard Cahier

Cahier has been in the business since the 1950s, and is still at it aged 79. Now he has assembled his memoirs into a luxurious two-volume book. Seemingly present whenever something important happened, he must have kept copious notes or have perfect recall, such is the detail, but it’s rich with stories and adventures. Volume 11 (1966 to today) is more serious. But then, so was the racing.

And the pictures: not just stunning race shots but the odd, the candid, the sad and the amusing; moments caught by a man immersed in the sport. Phil Hill and Dan Gurney, both long-time personal friends of his, contribute Forewords; and if Cahier drops a lot of names princes and film stars too well, who wouldn’t? GC

Published by Autosports Ltd, ISBN 0976039235, £79.99