Eric Dymock

Eric’s oeuvre of motoring and racing books and his long career writing in newspapers and magazines on the subject might lead you to think he had a narrow world view. In fact he’s equally hot on World War II and Gilbert and Sullivan, though the story he has uncovered about the sad fate of Ecurie Ecosse founder David Murray is a very long way from light opera.

Franca Davenport

Daughter of John Davenport, the works rally co-driver and one-time Austin-Rover motor sport director who also writes for us, Franca has been a motor sport journalist for 10 years. Having tried co-driving, she decided for the driver’s safety to stick to the keyboard. She’s been driven by some of rallying’s greats, but so far only men, so she is intrigued by the FIA’s initiative to boost female inclusion in motor sport.

Andrew Marriott

Andrew doesn’t often get the chance to roam the race track nowadays as he’s usually in the commentary box or the editing suite. But he started out in print reporting for both Motor Sport and Motoring News, which is why he was at Hockenheim in April 1968. Recently he went back there with his hiking boots and set off through the forest to locate the modest marker to a great driver.

Karl Ludvigsen

With a design and engineering background and a lifetime in the auto industry with GM, Fiat and Ford, Karl’s 50 or so books on the people and technologies of motor racing have something of an authoritative stamp, backed up by his well-known Ludvigsen Library. He knew Colin Chapman from 1958, so his new book promises to be a searching profile of the Lotus founder. Read more on page 54.