Credit balance


After the stunning victory of Nico Rosberg in the Chinese Grand Prix, two thoughts immediately played in my mind. The first is: haven’t Mercedes-Benz done the whole thing well? Honda, Peugeot, Ford, BMW and Toyota have all come, spent millions and left, and through it all Mercedes-Benz have stayed, spent effectively and must now be reaping the Monday morning reward. So, thank you M-B. Formula 1 would be a lot poorer without you.

The second thought is this: it was often said that in the whole Ford Motor Company only Walter Hayes actually understood the value of motor sport and Formula 1 to that company. Has his place not now been taken by Norbert Haug? His bulky, smiling presence is always seen in the background, so it was fitting that he should be on the podium to receive the trophy and a champagne drenching. So, thank you Norbert: without you too, Formula 1 would be a lot worse off.

David Fisher Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts