Dream garage – Ferrari Dino 246GT

In 2018 Ferrari will broadens its range with an ‘affordable’ smaller supercar. But the new car will revive a concept from 1967, when the first small-engined Ferrari appeared. To avoid whisperings about its parentage, this junior half-brother didn’t even wear the prancing horse. Instead it bore the simple word Dino, in memory of Enzo’s deceased son. Mutterings from purists didn’t stop the entire world referring to it as a Ferrari, even if the engines came from Fiat.

However, there was no fear of this offspring dragging the family name into disrepute. Instead, the Dino earned instant affection with its svelte Pininfarina curves and rev-happy V6, developed from the small units the Scuderia was using in Formula 2. 

Though the Dino line launched with the 2-litre 206GT, boasting alloy block and bodywork, it is the similar (though slightly longer wheelbase) 2.4-litre version that’s best known. And there can’t be a better example than the unusual white one that Howard Wise has on offer, with the amazingly low mileage of 34,000 miles from new under its single owner. 

“He kept everything,” says Howard. “The bill of sale, service book, even 34 tax discs and MoT certificates showing the mileage is right. It was completely untouched – the original tools, interior, even fanbelts and tyres, though of course we’ve replaced those.” 

Wise sent it to Ferrari experts Foskers who checked out the running gear and pronounced it healthy, and it’s had its first ever repaint, but otherwise it is unmolested.

“You just don’t get cars like this now,” says Howard. “The owner only used it on a few special occasions a year. It even has both keys and immobiliser fobs, and the factory-installed eight-track cassette player.”

There’s a risk with a car like this that a new owner might shrink-wrap it rather than push up that remarkable mileage – or worse, fit a modern sound system.

“I don’t think anyone would tear out the eight-track,” says Howard. “It’s purists who buy them now, people who value originality. I took it to the Salon Privé concours at Blenheim Palace, and Derek Bell came over and said it should have won. But it is such a useable car, so easy to drive compared to, say, a Daytona.”

There’s just one snag: where can you buy eight-track cassettes of Beyonce?


YEAR – 1972

ENGINE – V6, 2400cc, 195bhp

TRANSMISSION – five-speed

SUSPENSION – double wishbones front and rear

TOP SPEED – 146mph

PRICE – £499,995