Cramming in historic races from Cadwell to Montlhéry

VSCC member Justin Maeers has been overseeing racing debuts, and stripping cars by the side of the road in France

Start of Cadwell Park VSCC race

Cadwell Park hosted the club’s first true race meeting of the season


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One of the things about motor racing seasons is they tend to go from not much to everything at once as soon as all the big events kick in, and we’re definitely at that time of year where there’s almost too many events to cram in.

Let’s start with that slightly delayed catch up from the VSCC meeting at Cadwell Park over Easter. What a tremendous event it was, undoubtedly highlighted by the Frazer-Nash race. Unlike at Goodwood, this catered purely for standard FN and GN cars, so we didn’t have all the super-fast modified specials and the result was a run at a slower pace, so racing was much tighter throughout the grid as nobody ran away with it. Of course, it also marked the debut of my wife Debra, who did us all proud by getting into the mix, pulling off some great overtakes and keeping it clean to reach the finish, which is the perfect way for anyone to begin their racing career. I have no doubt she’ll be out again soon.

“I took two of my pre-’66 grand prix cars – the Cooper Type 51 and 53”

As for me, I took two of my pre-’66 grand prix cars – the Cooper Type 51 and 53 – and recruited my former RIP Special driver Charlie Martin to race the 53, while I handled the 51. I may have outqualified him, but he just got the better of me in a close race where we finished 1-2.

Cadwell done, the next stop was the VSCC Curborough Sprint, a fantastic small venue suited to friendly club rivalry, then off northern France for the Vintage Montlhéry Revival. This is a fantastic event with so many things to see and do, plus a heap of automotive oddities on show. Our son Ben drove the Parker GN all the way there and back, while Debs and I drove her FN that she’d raced at Cadwell and both cars made the full journey and completed all the track time without missing a beat! Sadly, that isn’t always the case, as one of our convoy was forced to stop with a broken clutch. Delighted by the challenge of helping out a friend, six of us set too, stripped out the clutch and repaired it at the side of the road. The car made the rest of the trip without a problem. It’s that sort of shared adventure that makes events like the Montlhéry special. Plus, it’s wonderful to get to drive the historic, banked circuit with a passenger.

VSCC grid on Montlhery banking

VSCC moved on to the old banked circuit of Montlhéry,


Next up, it’s hillclimbing at Harewood and another race meeting at Donington Park – plus a second trip to France, this time to Val de Vienne with the historic GP cars, which should be pretty special.

As I said, so many events, so little time…

Next month: Harewood, Donington and Val de Vienne back to back

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