The R.A.C. has now decided upon the arrangements in connection with the Grand Stand, Replenishment Pits, etc., for the Tourist Trophy Race in Ulster on 17th August next. The actual site will be the sam-.! as that used last year. It is only five miles from the heart of Belfast, it is served by a good communication road to the outside of the course, the tramway terminus at Dundonald is less than two miles distant, and it is convenient therefore for both spectators and competitors.

Last year the Stand was on the outside of the course and the view was somewhat restricted. It is proposed this year to place it on the other side of the road on the site occupied by the Scoring Board last year. It will be within fifteen feet of the road, and will command a view of the course where it approaches the Pits for more than half-a-mile. It will be covered, and will, if possible, also be covered in at the back. The Replenishment Pits will occupy the same position as last year, and will thus face the Grand Stand. Behind the Pits will be the Scoring Boards, and the whole of the field on that side of the road will form an enclosure in which will be placed re

freshment tents, post office, etc. The field at the rear of this enclosure will, as last year, be used as the official car park.

In addition to the above, the R.A.C. is endeavouring to make arrangements for a small private enclosure overlooking Quarry Corner having direct communication with the R.A.C. enclosure, so as to afford seat-holders in the Grand Stand and occupants of the enclosure, if they so desire, an opportunity of seeing the cars take this well-known corner.

A footbridge will be erected to enable seatholders to pass from the Enclosure and car park to the Grand Stand at any time, and also visit the Quarry Corner enclosure.

It is anticipated that these new arrangements will give to spectators in the Grand Stand an excellent view of the cars travelling almost at their maximum speed over a considerable distance; it will enable them to follow the pit work in detail, the Scoring Boards will be immediately opposite to them, whilst loud speakers will keep them informed as to the prow ess of the race and of any incidents reported by the various marshals stationed around the course.

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