THE B.A.R.C. Whitsun meeting was held under ideal weather conditions, and the racing was very interesting in parts, like the proverbial curates egg. Kaye Don distinguished himself by winning two firsts and two thirds, and by breaking the standard lap record. He gave the spectators a wonderful demonstration of fast and excellent driving, whilst Mrs. Scott in the ladies Handicap proved herself to be one of our most skilful lady drivers.

There were nine events altogether. The fortyeighth 75 m.p.h. Short Handicap was won by J. S. H. Wilson on an Austin Seven at 73-92 m.p.h. The little Austin Seven behaved in a most sturdy fashion and led at the start, but was overtaken by E. E. Marsh on a Riley, who actually got home first but was disqualified because his silencer did not conform with the B.A.R.C. regulations.

Kaye Don won the forty-fifth lightening Short Handicap on the 12 cylinder 4 litre Sunbeam at a speed of 113.62 m.p.h. Another car of this make, driven by E. L. Bouts won the Thirty-fifth 90 m.p.h. Short Handicap. He started scratch but got into third place and steadily increasing speed got into a good stride and passed Marendez on a Marendez Special and R. C. Stewart on a Bugatti.

The race for the Brooklands Gold Vase was very exciting and finished well. C. D. Wallbank driving the old 15 litre Lorraine-Deitrich made a splendid start but was shortly afterwards left by Jack Dunfree, J. R. Cobb, and Kaye Don. The latter came in firt winning the race at a speed of 113,29 m.p.h.

In the Ladies Handicap Miss W. B. Burnett appeared to have an easy win, but was ultimately disqualified for starting too soon, and the first place went to Mrs. W. B. Scott who was driving a Grand Prix Delage in excellent style. R. C. Stewart won the Fifty-ninth 100 m.p.h. Long Handicap on a Bugatti. He did not have much difficulty in maintaining the lead once he had passed D. M. K. Marendez on a Graham-Paige, and A. V. Wilkinson on an O.M. E. L. Bouts finished second on his Sunbeam, but he was a good distance behind the winner, and Kaye Don catching up the others at a terrific speed came in third. A Brooklands Speed Model Riley driven by C. R. Whitcroft took the laurels for the Forty-seventh 75 m.p.h. Long Handicap. This car really moved and gained a good lead from J. S. Wilson, who had

been travelling ahead on his Austin. Whitcroft roared ahead and finally finished the race half a lap in front. B, H. Wood on a six-cylinder supercharged Amilcar came in third. In the Forty-fifth Lightening Long Handicap Kaye Don broke the standing lap record by averaging up by the late J. G. P. Thomas. In this same race he 115.29 m.p.h., thus beating the record of 11019 set also equalled his own flying lap record of 132.46 m.p.h., a remarkably fine afternoon’s work. There

were only five runners in this race but all the cars showed up well, especially the Delage driven at a terrific pace by J. R. Cobb, and of course the 4 litre Sunbeam masterfully handled by Kaye Don.

The Thirty-fifth 90 m.p.h. Kong Handicap seemed a bit fiat after the exhilerating speed of the previous race, which was won at 121-81 m.p.h. Jack Dunfee was again taking part, but this time on a three litre Ballot. R. Grant on a Bugatti gave us all a false scent, this car was extremely slow at the beginning but soon got going at a good pace, when lo and behold, just as we were considering him a sure winner, fell out coming in last. Jack Dunfee had a quite easy win from A. H. Beadle on a 3 litre Bentley. RESULTS :

The Forty-eighth 75 m.p.h. Short Handicap. I. J. S. H. Wilson (749, c.c. Austin), 1 min 35 secs. (Speed 73.92 m.p.h.)

2. H. C. Spero (749, c.c. Austin), I min. 14 secs.

3. R. C. Stewart (1,496, c.c. Bugatti), scratch.

The Forty-fifth Lightening Short Handicap.

1 Naye Don (3,976, c.c. Sunbeam), scratch. (Speed 113.62 m.p.h.)

2. I). Fray (5,954, c.c. Delage), 10 secs.

3. W. B. Scott (1,486, c.c. Delage), 18 secs.

The Thirty-fifth 90 m.p.h. Short Handicap. 1. E. L. Bouts (4,914, c.c. Sunbeam), scratch. (Speed 103.1 m.p.h.)

2. R. C. Stewart (1,496, c.c. Bugatti), 5 secs.

3. D. M. K. Marendaz (1,496, c.c. Marendaz Special), 1 m. 14 s.

The Brooklands Gold Vase. I. Kaye Don (1,988, c.c. Sunbeam), 7 secs. (Speed 113.29 m.p.h.)

2. Jack Dunfee (1,988, c.c. Sunbeam), 7 secs.

3. J. R. Cobb (10,680, c.c. Delage), scratch.

The Ladies Handicap.

1 Mrs. W. B. Scott (1,486, c.c. Delage), scratch. (Speed 103.55 m.p.h.)

2. Mrs. W. U. Dykes (1,496, c.c. Alvis), 48 secs. 3. Mrs. W. H. Rigg (1,083, c.c. Lombard), 1 min. 35 secs

The Fifty-ninth 100 m.p.h. Long Handicap. I. R. C. Stewart (1,496, c.c. Bugatti), 34 secs. (Speed 103.61 m.p.h.)

2. E. L. Bouts (4,914, c.c. Sunbeam), 22 secs. 3. Kaye Don (1,988, c.c. Sunbeam), owes 12 secs

The Forty-seventh 75 m.p.h. Long Handicap. I. C. R. Whitecroft (1,083, c.c. Riley), 48 secs. (Speed 86.3 m.p.h.)

2. J. S. H. Wilson (749, c.c. Austin), 1 min. 15 secs.

3. B. H. Wood (1,093, c.c. Amilcar), scratch.

The Forth-fifth Lightening Long Handicap. 1. J. R. Cobb (10,680, c.c. Delage), 4 secs. (Speed 121.81 m.p.h.)

2. D. Froy (5,954, c.c. Delage), 14 secs.

3. Kaye Don (3,976, Sunbeam), owes 10 secs.

The Thirty-fifth 90 m.p.h. Long Handicap. 1. Jack Dunfee (2,976, c.c. Ballot), scratch. (Speed 92.43 m.p.h.)

2. A. H. Beadle (2,996, c.c. Bentley), 26 secs. 3 D. M. K. Marendaz (4,634, c.c. Graham-Paoge), 46 secs.