A. Bennett will this year be riding a 31/2 h.p. Sunbeam which is practically the same as the model 90 Sunbeam. We fully anticipate that this famous rider, who has already won five T. T. Races will be the winner this year. C. J. P. Dodson, who won the Senior last year will also be competing in the race on a Sunbeam and will certainly put up a good performance. Five Rudge-Whitworth Machines have this year been entered, and with luck there is no doubt that Graham Walker should win a place in the first three finishers. It will be remembered that the last time a Rudge won a T. T. Race was in 1914, when C. G. Pullen on a 31/2 h.p. machine completed the course at an average speed of 49.47 m.p.h. Rudge-Whitworth deserve to win, but their riders will find it difficult to beat the Sunbeam quartette. Walter Denny, who is riding a Rudge this year has been driven in three previous T.T.’s in Freddie Dixon’s Sidecar, but has never before driven in one of the races. Norton’s have Jimmy Simpson riding for them this year, and he should secure a place in the first three. He has raced in many previous T.T. ‘s and made innumerable lap records, but has never won a T. T. Tommy Spann, who is riding a Norton and D. Lamb, also on a similar make, are sure to put in some fast work and will be close on the heels of the winners.

THE JUNIOR RACE. Four Sunbeams are entered for the Junior, C. J. P. Dodson, F. Fran.coni, and A. Simcock are also riding in the Senior. We expect that the Velocettes, ridden by F. G. Hicks and H. J. Willis, will be well to the front in this race. S. Woods is riding a Norton this year, and should win on form. He has already

carried off two T.T2s, and his last win in 1926

showed that he can move. His speed was 67.54 m.p.h., riding a Norton in the Senior.


In this race we have K. Twemlow riding a Dot. He will certainly do well. It will be remembered he won the Junior in 1924 on a New Imperial at 55.67 m.p.h. G. E. Himing, who is riding a Zenith, is Lure to give Twemlow a good race, and should secure a place. Peitro Gherri (Guzzi) is riding again, and will put up a good performance, and add to the interest taken in this race.

SPEEDS ANTICIPATED. The speeds at which the three races will be won depend largely on the weather conditions. The

Lightweight was won in 1927 by W. L. Handley, on a 2.48 Rex Acme, at 6/30 m.p.h., but last year F. A. Longman, on a 2.490 K. Supreme, only average-c1 62.30 m.p.h. The average should reach 65 m.p.h. this year, given ideal conditions. The Junior Winner this year will have to average a good 70 m.p.h., and in the Senior, we look to an even greater speed being achieved, probably 72

m.p.h. As far as lap records are concerned, A. Bennett last year made the fastest lap on record at 70-28 m.p.h. The Record lap this year will have to be in the region of 73 m.p.h. if the average speeds we anticipate are secured.