Rumblings, June 1931



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NOW that the Double-Twelve is over, the J.C.C. will no doubt be considering what they are going to do in the matter next year. If the race is run again there will be various points to attend to, but there is plenty of time to think these over, and a better idea is often obtained when the event has receded somewhat into the past and its perspectives adjusted. There is one point, however, which applies to any long race run at the track and that is the matter of the pits.

As these are a permanent affair it seems a pity that they cannot have a concrete floor, or a wooden one if this is not considered too inflammable. At present every spare part gets completely impregnated with sand, and causes much unnecessary bad language when repairs are in progress. This is quite apart from the amount of foreign matter liable to get into fuel and oil. * * * *

Ulster entries have now closed at single fees with an entry of 44, and the 3,000 c.c. class is evidently going to provide the greatest scrap of the race. Four Alfas, two Maserati, and three ” Bugs ” will do battle with four Talbots, while three of the old Arrol-Asters will also be in this class. The entries are as follows :—

CrAss B (uP TO 8,000 c.c.).

Mercedes-Benz (2).—Earl Howe and W. J. F. S. Wilson and B. 0. Davis.

CLASS C (UP TO 5,000 c.c.). Invicta (1).—Major F. H. Caimes.

CLASS D (uP TO 3,000 c.c.).

Alfa-Romeo (4).–Soc. An. Alfa-Romeo (3) and Capt.

Sir Henry Birkin.

Arrol-Aster (3).—” W. P. Lockwood” (2) and” R. 0.


Bugatti (3).—Ettore Bugatti.

Maserati (2).—M. C. Morris.

Talbot (4).—A. W. Fox (3) and W. Esplen..

ClAss F (uP To 1,500 c.c.). Frazer-Nash (3).—F. G. Aldington. Lea-Francis (1).—T. G. Clarke.

CLASS G. (uP TO 1,100 C.C.). Maserati (1).—H. Widengren.

Riley (4).—V. Riley (3) and A. F. Ashby.

CLASS H (UP TO 750 c.c.).

Austin (5).—Sir Herbert Austin (3), A. F. Nolan and S. A. Crabtree. M.G. Midget (11).—The Earl of March (3), Major

A. T. G. Gardner (3), S. A. Crabtree, S. W. B. Hailwood, E. R. Hall, F. J. Barnes and F. M. Montgomery (Automobile Engineering and Training College).

Shelsey Walsh this year should be better than ever, and Von Stuck, Carraciola, and Hartmann, the Bugatti crack, are likely to be over, there seems every chance of the record going once more. There is, of course, the hope that we shall get it back for this country. Davenport is working hard on a special Frazer-Nash of some sort, while the “Terror,” R. J. G. Nashes’ single seater FrazerNash, should stand a good chance although only if litre. The power weight ratio of this vehicle seems to go up and up according to various press reports, but in actual fact the engine’s maximum is some 105 b.h.p. when everything is O.K. The weight with twin rear wheels is between 7i and 8 cwt.

Nashes’ performance recently at Lewes speed trials was rather a bright effort when he lowered the course record with a run of 20 secs., finishing in third gear, and averaging some 72 m.p.h. from a standing start. Some acceleration. ! Shelsley entries close on July 2nd and the climb is on the 11th. Would that other events would leave their entries open a bit longer in like manner.

It seems a far cry from motor sport to: caravans, but on second thoughts the two have much in common. Caravans these days have been brought to an amazing pitch of convenience and luxury, and there is no better or cheaper way of staying at a motoring event when one has a long way to go from home, or wishes to be at work bright and early in the morning. MOTOR SPORT had one of the new Raven caravans down at the track for the Double-Twelve for the benefit of such of the staff asked to be continuously on the spot, and it is really a delightfully got up job. As a convenient adjunct to the merchant who scours the country competing in hill climbs, while if he occasionally relaxes and goes for a week-end’s fishing, it will once more save him money. Incidentally quite a number of motorists are

keen fishermen, including Cecil Kimber of M.G. fame, and Victor Riley. Presumably it is the soothing antidote to the roar of machinery that proves the attraction.

The French Grand Prix promises to be a good show this year, being run on the Monthler3r road circuit for the first time for five years, and British entries include Earl Howe, Jack Dunfee (2 litre Sunbeam), W. B. Scott (Grand Prix Delage) and Sir Henry Birkin (Maserati). Earl Howe’s car will be a Bugatti.

The Relay Grand Prix of the Light Car Club is another original and amusing event, particulars of which can be obtained from John Yule, ” Kirkney,” High Road, Whetstone, Barnet, N.20. Entries close the 15th.