IT is a matter of considerable disappointment that the great 10,000 Kilometre Trial organised by the Automobile Club of Germany should be practically ignored by the British motor industry. Only one British concern is to be represented, Mrs. Montague Johnstone and Mr. Donald Healey having both entered sixcylinder Alpine Rileys. While these entries will doubtless uphold the prestige of the industry in this country, the con

spicuous absence of further representation is a serious reflection on the enterpriseof our manufacturers.

The trial in question offers unique opportunities for valuable propaganda. The 6,000 mile course is set through every important country in Europe, and the event therefore takes the form of a huge travelling motor show. While the industry is casting far afield in an attempt to establish its products in

foreign and colonial markets, it is strange that this event, coming practically to its doorstep, should be ignored. Despite rapid road, development and extending markets overseas, Europe is still the richest harvest field for the motor trader, and is likely to remain so for some years to come. It seems deplorably short-sighted to overlook such opportunities of proving our products to our near neighbours.