THE SPORT ABROAD. Entries for Le Mans

wHEN entries finally closed for the 1931 Grand Prix d'Endurance and for the final of the seventh biennial Rudge-Whitworth Cup, the total number of cars set down to run at le Mans numbered thirty. The A.C. de l'Ouest can therefore look forward to staging yet another successful race.

In the absence of the Bentleys the most formidable team will probably prove to be the three 5-litre Bugattis, which will probably be driven by Achille \Tani, Louis Chiron, Albert Divo, Count Conelli, Guy Bouriat and another. Against them, however, will be ranged two of the new 2,300 c.c. Alfa-Romeo straight-eights, entered by the factory, with Tazio Nuvolari, Luigi Arcangeli, Guiseppe Campari and Borzacchini as their probable drivers, and a third car of the same type entered by Lord Howe, who will have Sir Henry Birkin as his team-mate. In view of the recent victory of the new Alfa-Romeo in Sicily these cars will be watched with considerable interest. Some time ago we expressed the opinion that the then prevalent report that a team of three 7-litre Mercedes would be entered by the factory sounded rather too good to be true, and this has unfortunately proved to be the case. One car, however, has been entered, and will be driven by Boris Ivanowski and Stoffel, who is well known at the wheel of Lorraine-Dietrich and Chrysler cars at le Mans. Both these makes incidentally will be repre

sented this year. Chrysler by an " Imperial " model entered by de Costier and another privately entered 4litre machine, and Lorraine-Dietrich by one of the old 6-cylinder 31-1itre cars of the type which won the race in 1925 and 1926. As we suggested earlier the new 12cylinder cars could not be got ready in time for the race.

England will be represented by two of the new 3-litre Talbots entered by Messrs. Fox and Nicholl, a team of three 1500 c.c. Aston Martins entered by the manufacturers, a privately entered 4i-1itre Bentley, one of the 1929 Tourist Trophy Arrol-Asters which has been reconstructed, and two 750 c.c. M.G. Midgets entered by Samuelson and Chetwynd. Also among the smaller cars are two of the new 1,500 c.c. Aries, which have been entered by the works, a 1,500 c.c. Bugatti and another car as yet unspecified but which will probably also be a Bugatti, to be driven by Mesdames Mareuse and Silco, and two 1,100 c.c. Caban Speciales. The remaining five cars have not yet been specified.

Of these entries, Madame Mareuse's car, the two Talbots and Lord Howe's Alfa-Romeo are eligible for the final of the Seventh Biennial Rudge-Whitworth Cup, having qualified last year.

This year the race possesses almost the maximum possible international interest, five countries, France, Italy, Germany, America and. England all being represented.