Letters from Readers., June 1931



Letters from Readers.

Double-Twelve Speeds.

EVERYONE must welcome the victory of baby cars in the “DoubleTwelve,” as this is a class in which Britain has always taken the lead. At the same time, however, I feel that the average speed of 65 odd m.p.h. is a little disappointing.

Before the War a 1914 Singer Ten (the first light car, as we understand the type to-day) established a one hour record of over 64 m.p.h., and for nine hours maintained an average of 62i m.p.h.

Have we, after all, progressed so far in these 17 years ?

P. Busk. Englefield Green, Surrey.

Motor Cyclists’ Manners. IAM interested to see that there appears to be a definite attempt amongst motorcyclists to improve their riding

manners. This has taken the form of a competition in a well-known motorcycle club in which a Triumph Goodwill Cup was offered to the most courteous driver. I understand that the standara of riding was so high that the judges had some difficulty in awarding the prize.

This is good news indeed I As one who began my motoring career on two wheels, I have never believed that the motorcyclist is as black as he is painted. There are a few black sheep and they tarnish the name of riders as a whole. May I appeal to them, through the medium of your columns, to drive with greater courtesy and respect for other road-users—whether they are riding in a Good Manners contest or not ?

Bdgbaston. H. L. D.

Letters on any subject of interest to readers of “Motor Sport” are always welcome, but correspondents are asked to be as brief as possible.

Personalities and recapitulation must be avoided, and it must be understood that the Editor is not responsible for the views expressed.

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