The Grand Prix of Dieppe.

The Grand Prix of Dieppe.

TTiE Grand Prix of 1 i(l)1C will take place on the 24th of .1 uly, and the course is in excellent condition, and it is hoped that it will not be made slippery if wet. The organisation of this event has been very carefully gone into, and there seems every chance of a firstclass race. It is rather early to discuss entries as yet, but that energetic sportsman, Earl Howe, has stated that he hopes to compete. He won the 1,500 c.c. class last year on his G.P. Delage.

The Grand Prix of Oran.

THE Gran G.P. took place on April 24th, and was chiefly remarkable in the big class for the regular running ofitArimille's Bugatti. The opening stages of the race were run at a very hot pace, but mechanical trouble soon eliminated a large number of drivers. These included Etancelin, Lehoux, Gan

pillat, de Maleplane, Eberhardt and J ellen.

Delorme and Mme. Mareuse both crashed and turned over, the latter due to a wheel breaking up, but, fortunately, neither of them was seriously hurt. Wimille just got home in front of Zehender's Alfa-Romeo, while the irrepressible Scaron on his wonderful Amilcar cleaned up the 1,100 c.c. class, the 11-11tre going to joly (Maserati), another remarkably consistent performer. Scaron was no less than 17 minutes ahead of his nearest rival, and ninth in the general classification. The race was a 3-hour event. The results were :-

OVER 1,500 c.c.

1. Wimille (Bugatti 2,300), speed 126.23 k.p.h. ; 2, P. Zehender (Alfa Romeo 2,500) ; 3, Traintignan (Bugatti 2 litres) ; 4, Benoit (Bugatti 2,300) ; 5, Mlle. Ilene Nice (Bugatti 2 litres) ; 6, Dominici (Bugatti 2 litres) ; 7, Mouret (Bugatti 2 litres).

1,500 c.c. CLASS.

1, Joly (Maserati), speed 117.27 ; 2, Veyron (Maserati) ; 3, Miguel (Bugatti).

1,100 c.c. CLASS.

Scaron (Amilcar), speed 105.38 ; 2, Bondy (Salmson) ; 3, Vanoni (Amilcar).

It is interesting to note that all the winners used Dunlop tyres, both in this race and in the Prix Royal of Rome.

The LeMans 24 Hours Race.

FOR the convenience of members visiting Le Mans this month, the Automobile Association has a supply of grand stand and box seat tickets for the 24 Hours' Grand Prix dlindurance to be run at 1,e Mans on the 18th and 19th June.

Applications by members for tickets should be addressed to the Secretary, The Automobile:Association, Ilanum House, New Coventry Street, London, W.1.