THE ENTRY LISTS CLOSE WITH A FIELD OF 19 CARS IN THE MANNIN BEG AND 13 IN THE MANNIN MOAR. AN excellent entry has been received for both the Mannin. Nloar and the Mannin Beg Races to be held at Douglas, Isle of Man, on July 12th and 14th. The list was officially closed on May 15th, but in addition to those given below there are several provisional entries which may be taken up later by competitors who were absent at the time at the Avus race in Berlin. Here is the full list :—

The Mannin Beg Race. The will be favoured

The Magnettes will be strongly favoured for the Mannin Beg race by reason of their good acceleration. The winding course through Douglas should make easy and quick gear-changing a sine qua non, and the Wilson box fitted to the Magnettes has already proved its worth in this direction in the ‘Mille Miglia. The cars to be driven by Earl Howe, Sir H. Birkin and G. E. T. Eyston will be the actual machines which took part in the Italian race, and the possible winner of the race is to be found among these three. On the other hand there are several likely “outsiders.” E. R. Hall, also on a Magnette, stands a very good chance of success, an event which would be tremendously popular among followers of the sport. Robin Mere, another .Magnette driver, will be making his first appearance in a big race, but his brief run at Donington Park recently was an indication that he may be depended upon to put up a really good show. The 6 cylinder Rileys to be handled by Raymond Mays and Hum phrey Cook will no doubt maintain the Riley reputation for reliability, but will probably be unable to hold the Magnettes on acceleration. Moore’s Frazer Nash is a

” veteran ” with two and a Double Twelve to its credit, while an unusual entry is the Frazer Nash Special Six entered by C. M. Needham. The possibility of the construction of this car was exclusively mentioned in MOTOR SPORT two months ago, and its performance will be watched with interest. The engine is a twin o.h.c. Blackburn. A car to be watched will be the Midget driven by H. C. Hamilton, who is probably the finest Midget driver on a road course to-day. Finally, the field will be made up by the spectacular Freddie Dixon and Victor Gillow, both on Riley Nines, Sullivan’s Special Morris Minor, Crabtree’s, Mansell’s and Ford’s Midgets, and Jimmy Nervo on a supercharged Salmson.

Prospects of the Mannin Moar. The issue of the Mannin Moat race is

The issue of the Mannin Moat race is an open one. The Alfa Romeos will be favourites, with Sir Henry Birkin as the possible winner, backed up by George Eyston and the Hon. Brian Lewis. They will be closely pressed, however, by Whitney Straight’s Maserati. This car has now been fitted with a Wilson gear-box, which should add still more to its already terrific acceleration. Straight’s cornering prowess is well known, and he can be relied upon to set a terrific pace. If his car lasts through the race he may very well prove to be the winner—especially if his rivals do not keep within striking reach of him in the early part of the race. Rose Richard’s Bugatti, too, will seriously menace the Alfas, being the latest type of twin camshaft” 2.3.” Mathieson, Eccles and Shuttleworth, also on Bugattis, are familiar to Brooklands habitues, and Fothringham’s “2.3.” was seen for a short time in the International Trophy Race. Harker, on the 1/ litre Special described elsewhere in this issue, will be handicapped by a small engine, as will Raymond Mays, on a” blown” 6 cylinder Riley, and Needham with the Special Six Frazer Nash, also supercharged for the race.

Trophies and Prize Money. The work in the course for

course the Races is well forward, and the Surveyor of Douglas has reported to the R.A.C. that the surface will bear comparison with the surface of the Ards Circuit, Belfast, last year. 50 laps of the 5 mile course will have to be covered, making 250 miles In all. The Douglas Race Committee has arranged for the erection of three covered grandstands, one at the Villa Marina, facing the start and finish of the Races, and one at either end of the Promenade. A relief map of the Course of a scale of 251ns. to the mile has been prepared by the R.A.C. and will be on view in prominent windows in London and the Provinces prior to the Races,

The two principal trophies for the races will be presented by Lord Wakefield and the M.G. Car Company. In addition to these trophies there will be cash prizes amounting to 500 for each race, and special prizes for fastest laps, unsupercharged cars, and team entries.

Attracting Motorists to the Isle of Man.

The way in which a resort looks through visitors’ eyes is a novel idea in holiday literature. This note has been struck in the new edition of the Isle of Man Official Guide by presenting a number of visitors’ shapshots entered in a competition run last year. The result is an interesting collection of new viewpoints. So great was the success attending last year’s competition that the prize money has been increased to £200 this year.

Efforts are to be made this summer to attract more motorists. There have been. difficulties in the past owing to tidal conditions at Douglas, but these will shortly be overcome by a specially designed crane, capable of lifting 3i tons, which is being provided by the Isle of Man Harbour Commissioners. Cars will now be run aboard at Liverpool, and unloaded at any state of the tide at Douglas, and with the ever increasing road mileage on the island, and the opening up of hitherto inaccessible mountain and glen scenery, it is hoped to induce motorists in greater numbers than ever, to bring their cars with them.

A copy of the new Guide will be sent on application to the Secretary, Publicity Department, Douglas, and it will be found to contain much useful information. There is an excellent map of the whole island, innumerable photographs of the lovely scenery, descriptions of the wellknown beauty spots, and a full list of hotels and holiday accommodation.


The Austrian Touring Club, which is allied with the Automobile Association, is organising an International Touring Rally to Vienna, in conjunction with the Vienna Festival Weeks, which are to be held from the 28th May to the 15th June, 1933, and which are notable for their social, musical and sporting events. The Rally itself will fall between the dates of the 11th and 18th June.

To this will be appended a five days tour through the most beautiful mountain scenery of the Austrian Alps. Participants will receive a Badge which is being specially struck for the occasion, and a series of prize awards has been drawn up. Motorists desiring to join in this Rally and Alpine Tour can obtain information from the Automobile Association.