Club News, June 1933



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The Treasure Hunt held on April 30th was an immense success, both from the excellent entry received, namely 20, and also the great difficulty which most competitors had in finding all the clues. The winner, H. F. Webster (Austin Seven) led the field by over an hour until the last

clue, when he spent quite half an hour in finding a ” draught-board,” which proved to be a large danger sign by the road-side, covered with black and white squares. The final clue led to the ” Black Lion,” Richmond, Yorks, where an excellent tea was enjoyed.


The Scarborough Trial and Rally prospectus is now available. The event will be held on July 6th to 8th, and will be two separate events, run at the same time. Both Rally and Trial competitors will start on the 6th from any of the following points, London, Bristol, Chester, Edinburgh or Birmingham, and will then drive to Harrogate. Here the entrants will divide, the Rally people proceeding by main road to Scarborough, while the Trial cars will tackle a hill-section on ordinary M.C.C.

On arrival at Harrogate all competitors will have to go through an acceleration, reversing and braking test. The test should bring out the weak points in drivers’ skill, and consists of the following procedure: Accelerating from a standing start for 50 yards, reversing into a bay at the side of the road, pulling up so that the front wheels are between two lines 3 feet apart and the offside wheels are not more than 3 feet away from the kerb, accelerating for 100 yards, and then stopping as soon as possible.

Three classes will be catered for, (1) up to 210 tax ; (2) over £10 and under £16 tax, and (3) over 216 tax. Intending entrants should get in touch with the Secretary, Mr. J. A. Masters, 22, Norland Square, London, W.11.


The Inter-Club Trial, organised by the ” Sunbac ” Club, will be held on July 1st over a course of 60 miles, starting from Buxton. The event is open to any club associated with the R.A.C., and should produce some keen rivalry. Each club will be represented by a team of five drivers.

Further particulars can be obtained from the Secretary, ,Mr. J. D. Woodhouse, 10, Warwick Chambers, Corporation Street, Birmingham.


No time has been lost in getting the activities of the Club under weigh, and already the first number of its journal, ” The Exhaust,” is available. A good programme was arranged for May, including a club meeting, a run to

Frensham Ponds, an Executive and Sports Committee meeting, and a Mystery run, which will be held too late for inclusion in this issue of MOTOR SPORT.

The Club bids fair to be a most flourishing one, judging by the enthusiasm it has so far evoked, and any one wishing to join should get in touch with the Hon. Secretary, C. J. A. Curd, at 30, Denehurst Gardens, Richmond. The headquarters of the Club are at the Duke of York Hotel, Great West Road, Brentford, and the annual subscription is only 5 shillings for Full Members, with an entrance fee of 2s. 6d, while those who are not car owners, but who are in sympathy with the objects of the Club will be admitted without entrance fee, for an annual subscription of 2s. 6d.


THE Second Chiltern Half-day Trial was held on April 30th, and proved a most enjoyable event. Starting from the “East Arms Hotel,” Hurley, the route led via Marlow to the first hill, ” Highruse,” which accounted for 10 out of 50 starters, namely, Davidson, Barker, Meredith, Palmer, Heard, Lobb, Norem, Campbell, Smith and .Forster. The next hill, Shillingridge Wood, curiously enough caused a similar number of failures, although not all the same people. The Shillingr:dge failures were Witham, Meredith, Harrop, Palmer, Heard, Norem, Hovenden, Styles, Hope and Forster. Maidens Grove, dry and in good condition, did not trouble anyone, while Icknield Way only stopped Parry. Lewknor gave everyone a chance to show how fast an M.G. can climb a hill, and so to Crowell.

The last time we were at Crowell was during the Winter at the Intervarsity Trial, when only two or three people got up. Then the trouble was caused, not by gradient but by surface, and with an Improvement in this Crowell did not seriously hinder the M.G. contingent. There were only three failures, Ortweiler, Goodman and Moody. After a time check at the ” Black Prince” Inn, a re-start and timed test was held on Whiteleaf Hill. Competitors had to stop dead on a line at the first attempt, and this proved beyond the capabilities of Temple, Rickaby, Styles, Ortweiler, Hope, Goodman and Moody. The next move was to accelerate for 200 yards, as a timed test, and here the outstanding performance was made by Haden in 11 t seconds. Second place was shared by C. G. Fitt and A. C. Cookson, who each took 12 seconds. Quite a few people lost marks, notably Mrs. Lockhart, Witham, Franks, Lobb, Hopton, Gardner, Norem, Ortweiler, Hope, Goodman, Gray-Hill, McElhaw, and Sewell. An” Emergency Stop Test,” to be held at an unspecified point, caught six people. The idea was to stop without passing over a line, on seeing a large board at the side of the road with the word “M.G. Club

Stop.” Hopton, Haden, Forster, Coote, Moody and Sewell were the unlucky ones.

The remainder of the hills, Vale Farm, Lightcars Lament, and Chartridge caused no trouble at all, but by this time a number of people lost their sense of direction and were drifting into the wilds, among them being Nicholas, Burrows, Zeigler and Castleton Knight.

The finish took place at the ” Crown” at Chesham, and when the last of the troops had checked in it was found that 10 had fallen by the wayside.

RESULTS (Marks in brackets). Award : C. G. Fitt (100).

Special Award : C. G. Fitt (100).

1st Class Awards : 100 marks, O’Hagan, M. Johnstone, Maclean, Macdermid, Martin, S. Cooper, Winnicott, Frazer, Cann, Rea, Connell ; 99 marks, Pranks, McElhaw ; 97 marks, Haden, Gray-Hill, Cooke; 95 marks, Lockhart, Temple, Parry, Rickaby, Gardner, Norem. 2nd Class Awards : 93 marks, Harrop, Lobb, Horton ; 91 marks, H. Sewell; 90 marks, Witham, Styles; 89 marks, Goodman; 88 marks, Ortweiler, Hope ;

No Award : 87 marks, Forster, Moody.

Retired : Davidson, Barker, Meredith, Heard, Campbell, Hovenden, Nicholas, Burrows, Smith, Threadgold, Whitworth, Ogilvie, Ziegler, Knight.

Complimentary Award : A. C. Cookson (100), Travelling Marshal.

WEST HANTS L.C.C. Mr. S. C. H. Davis made a

Mr. S. C. H. Davis made a journey specially to Bournemouth to be present at the first annual dinner of the West Hants Light Car Club, as he is president of this healthy young organisation.

There was a big gathering of members to meet him, and he told them of the healthy sporting side of motoring which their club would foster.

One guest objected to the exclusion of the fair sex, but the general secretary, Mr. B. Peters, told him that this was through no prejudice, only it was felt that in the main the ladies would not have enjoyed a whole evening devoted to talking “shop.” In fact, it was proposed to form a lady’s section.

On the next Sunday, April 2nd, there was a fine turnout of members for a ” Chinese puzzle,” an interesting competition calling for a good knowledge of the local geography. Mr. L. Chappell piloting a M.G. Magna was the first to solve the puzzle, and thus secure the trophy awarded.

A special gathering of members travelled to Brooklands on Easter Monday, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves watching the racing.


Subject to confirmation, the following are the car results of the recent Coming of Age Trial :—

Egg/don Cup (best performance) : Miss Peggy Avery (Morris Minor). Edwards ev p (best novice) : Miss J. Clark (M.G. Midget). Team Award: Miss Avery’s team—Miss Avery (Morris Minor), H. M. Avery (Singer Nine), and G. W. G. Tew (M.G.).

First-class Award : H. M. Avery (Singer Nine).

Hon. secretary, Mr. F. Norman Hardacre, Kingsholm Garage, Gloucester.


Fastest time in the Speed Trials held at Aston Clinton was made by K. Hutchison

(Bugatti litre), the lap record holder at Donington Park. His time over the quarter mile, from a standing start, was 20 seconds, or an average speed of 45 m.p.h. In an exhibition run, J. V. Bolster actually beat this time by recording 17 1/5th seconds on his 2 cylinder Bolster Special.

RESULTS. Fastest run of the day : K. Hutchison (11-litre

Fastest run of the day : K. Hutchison (11-litre Bugatti), 20 secs. Demonstration run by J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special), 171 secs.

850 c.c. touring: 1, R. Sparrow (Austin). 1,500 c.c. touring: I, W. Punting (Frazer-Nash); 2, D.

Hopkins (Frazer-Nash) ; 860 c.c. sports: 1, G. Casswell (M.G. Midget). 1,100 c.c. sports: 1, G. Casswell (M.G. Midget). 1,600 c.c. sports: 1, K. Hutchison (Bugatti) ; 2, W. Pouting (Frazer-Nash).

BRIGHTON & HOVE M.C. There was keen for the

There was keen competition the premier award, the Bishop’s Trophy, in the 12 Hour Trial. After an excellent performance on the part of both, it finally resulted in a tie between R. J. W. Appleton (Riley 9) and M. W. B. May (Aston Martin). The Monsoon team, consisting of M. W. B. May (Aston Martin), V. H. Tuson (Fiat) and S. Sforza (M.G. Magna) won the team prize.

The next trial takes place on June 24th and 25th.


The following fixtures appear on the calendar of the Club : June 10th, assist Middlesex County A.C. cripples’ outing ; June 17-18th, all-night run ; June 24-25th, participate

in Brighton-to-Beer Trial (Brighton and Hove M.C.) ; July 9th, all-day rally (with Bristol section) ; July 23rd, half-day run ; July 23rd, participate in Drewett Trophy Trial (Brighton and Hove M.C.) ; September 10th, all-day picnic ; September 20th, half-yearly general meeting ; October 1st, annual trial.

Hon. secretary, Mr. A. W. Waite, 59, Wroughton Road, Clapham Common, London, S.W.11.


A new club has been formed wider the above title in Leeds, and is meeting with an enthusiastic response. Members have joined in Halifax, Harrogate. Skipton, Wakefield and Wetherby, and marques represented already includes Amilcar, Alvis, Bugatti, Frazer-Nash, M.G., Austin, Invicta, and iielage.

The club has set out to stimulate enthusiasm for motor sport in Yorkshire, and hopes to compete in all open events and to enter a team for the road-race meetings on the Donington circuit.

Full particulars are available from the hon. secretary, Mr. W. H. Hudson, la, Oakwell Crescent, Leeds, 8.


The Club’s journal ” Sidelights” continues to enlarge with each issue. The April number contains a most informative article on “The Art of Navigation,” by Reginald Gaspar, which will be concluded in the May number. “Sporting Notes” is as interesting as ever, while the contribution on ” Road Accidents” contains many suggestions for the elimination of accidents:

Incidentally, the Club’s great event of the year, the Relay Grand Prix, will be held on July 22nd, and preparations are going ahead for the race.

C.S.M.A. ” is

The May issue of the ” Gazette” is now available, and contains a lot of interesting matter, including a very informative article on ” Petrol and Oils,” by J. J. A. Gilmour, B.A., A.R.C.S.

Forthcoming events of the Club are as follows :—June 21, flannel dance ; June ‘ 25, Championship Trial.


On May 7th, the “Scavenge Hunt,took place over a course in Berkshire, and proved to be a thoroughly successful affair.

This year the annual London to Salisbury Trial will be held on June 18th. The Club would welcome a few more light car owners as members, and full particulars can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Mr. P. B. Haworth, 14, Whitefriars Drive, Harrow, Middlesex.


The first event to be held by the club will take place on June 17th, when a Reliability Trial will be held. The membership is rapidly increasing, and all Standard owners who would like to join should get in touch with the Hon. Secretary, Alan B. Hill, The Standard Car Co. Ltd., Canley, Coventry.