R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special) makes fastest time. Good runs by J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special) and J. C. Davis (Delage).

THE Speed Trials held on the Race Hill, Lewes, by the Kent and Sussex Light Car Club are always popular with sporting motorists. For one thing any owner of a normal sports car can enter with a chance of success in his class ; but the greatest cause of the popularity enjoyed by the event is the capable organisation by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. V. Warren. There is never a hitch in the proceedings, and the classes are run off quickly and without delay.

On May 13th the first trials of the year were held, and were opened by a class of unlimited touring cars. Fastest time was made by F. S. Hutchen’s magnificent 8 litre Bentley, driven by F. Lycett. His time was 27.0 seconds, beating Miss Joan Weekes’ V8 Ford by 1.2 seconds. The M.G. class was won by J. M. Palmer’s Midget in 37.2 seconds, competition being nil for there were no other starters ! No fewer than 10 cars turned out for the Hornet class. Their times varied from 32.6 seconds to 41.4 seconds, the fastest being R. R. Gush. Second man was F. S. Hutchens, on the very smart Corsica 2-seater model, a car which attracted a good deal of attention on its first appearance in a competition. L. Greenwood’s green Abbey model was third in 34 seconds. Incidentally, Greenwood was the only driver to make exactly the same time on both runs -a tribute to consistant driving.

Miss Joan Weekes won the 1,100 c.c. super sporting class with her Salmson ; Windle’s Frazer Nash carried off the 1,500 c.c. Standard Sports, the 2,000 c.c. Standard Sports and the Super Sporting 1,500 c.c. classes. The unlimited Super Sporting class produced the rousing spectacle of the big white MercedesBenz of Dennis Conan Doyle howling up the course, making the best time so far of 28.6 seconds. Miss Weekes, Ford was only .2 seconds slower’ while Raymond Way’s Rover was third. Then came the racing cars, and some real speed. J. V. Bolster was the star performer up to 1,100 c.c., his Special recording the wonderful time of 21.6 seconds. R. G. J. Nash appeared in the 1,500 c.c. class, but

the ” Spook ” was not in its best form and could do no better than 22.2 seconds. J. C. Davis had a little trouble with the Delage but was second in 24.2 seconds. In the next class, however, Nash made a magnificent run, recording 21.0 seconds-only 1 second outside his own record time with the “Terror.” Davis was again second, this time going really well and clocking 21.2 seconds, and Mrs. Kathleen Petre came third with a 2 litre Bugatti in 23.4 seconds.

In the unlimited racing class Bolster beat Nash, but could not better the latter’s time of 21 seconds in the previous event. Whitney Straight was down to drive the Maserati, but was unable to appear. The afternoon closed with a handicap class, based on the competitors’ best time in the first class in which he was entered. This resulted in a win for H. D. Johnson, with Windle second and Nash third.


Touring Classes, unlimited.

1. F. Lycett (Bentley), 27 secs.

2. Miss J. Weekes (Ford V8), 28.2 secs.

3. G. L. Baker (Minerva) and J. T. Driskell (Ford V8), 30.2 secs.

M.G. Midget Cars.

1. J. M. Palmer (M.G. Midget), 37.2 secs. Wolseley Hornet Cars.

1. R. R. Gush, 32.6 secs.

2. F. S. Hutchens, 33.4 secs.

3. L. Greenwood, 34 secs.

Super Sports up to 1,100 e.c.

1. Miss J. Weekes (Salmson), 32 secs.

2. J. W. T. Raynes (Riley), 32 secs.

3. J. T. Driskell (Rally), 38.6 secs.

Standard Sport’s up to 1,500 c.c.

1. J. D. Windle (Frazer Nash), 30.2 secs.

2. J. W. T. Raynes (Riley), 31.2 secs.

3. P. H. Bell ( ), 32 secs.

Standard Sports up to 2,000 c.c.

1. J. D. Windle (Frazer Nash), 30 secs.

2. W. L. Allen (Bugatti), 43.4 secs. Super Sports up to 1,500 c.c.

1. J. I). Windle (Frazer Nash), 29.8 secs.

2. Miss J. Weekes (Salmson), 36.6 secs. Super Sports, unlimited.

1. D. Conan Doyle (Mercedes-Benz), 28.6 secs.

2. Miss J. Weekes (Ford V8), 28.8 secs.

3. Raymond Way (Rover), 29.6 secs. Racing Cars up to 1,100 c.c.

1. J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special), 21.6 secs.

2. R. V. C. Bolster (G.N.), 25.8 secs.

3. A. Baron (B.N.C.), 31.2 secs. Racing Cars up to 1,500 c.c.

1. R. C. J. Nash(Nash Special), 22.2 secs.

2. J. C. Davis (Delage), 24.2 secs.

3. B. N. Wilmot (Aston Martin), 29 secs. Racing Cars up to 2,000 c.c.

1. R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special), 21 secs.

2. J. C. Davis (Delage), 21.2 secs.

3. Mrs. Kathleen Petre (Bugatti), 23.4 secs. Racing Cars, Unlimited.

1. J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special), 21.4 secs.

2. R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special), 22 secs.

3. B. N. Wilmot (Aston Martin), 29.6 secs. Handicap Class.

1. H. D. Johnson ( ), 19.8 secs.

2. J. D. Windle (Frazer Nash), 20.6 secs.

3. R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special), 20.8 secs.

4. A. Baron (B. N.C.), 21.6 secs.