LESLIE WILSON, the energetic and popular Secretary of the Midland Automobile Club, has every reason to be satisfied with the programme arranged for Saturday, June 9th. The entry is being confined to 70 cars, all of them capable of climbing the tricky 1,000 yards course in under 60 seconds, while further improvementsin theivantage points available to the public have been carried out.

E.G. Frankl, the well-known Austrian hill-climb exponent, will be bringing over a team of three cars. He is driving himself a 2.3 litre Bugatti, his brother, Oskar, will be handling a supercharged 500 c.c. D.K.W., with “Wiestrow, the third member of the team, on a blown M.G. Midget. Stuck will not be able to bring over the Auto Union car for the forthcoming climb, as it takes place less than a week after the Eifel Race, but has promised to take part in the September event. In the smaller categories Letts will be driving his blown M.G. Midget, Hall will have his Magnate and Horton i8 bringing a M.G. Midget, a 14Iagnette and his ” Special.” Two supercharged Morris Minors are to be driven by Peter Skinner and Miss Barbara Skinner, and Appleton

has entered a 1,100 c.c. ” Maserati-Riley.” R. J. G. Nash has entered the “Spook.”

Harker’s V. 1,500 c.c. car now has two M.G. blocks, and S. H. Newsome has resuscitated the Beck Powerplus car to some effect. Davies is again running the straight-eight Delage, while Bolster has now fitted two V-twin motor cycle engines to his exciting little car.

Raymond Mays will be driving a 1,500 c.c. E.R.A., and hopes to have the 1,100 c.c. ready in time to compete.

2.3 Bugattis will be driven by Eccles, Bachelier and Fothringham. C. E. C. Martin has entered a 2-litre Alfa, and Major Gardner will be driving a “2.3.” Some further Alfa entries are expected. Last and not least, Whitney Straight will be defending his title with one of the 3-litre Maseratis.

The usual prizes and cups will be awarded, with 2100 for fastest time of the day. The most interesting improvement, as far as spectators are concerned, is the filling in to slightly above road level of the deep hollow immediately on the right hand side of the first bend (going up). This has entailed the expenditure of a considerable sum of money by the Club

as the outlet from the reservoir has had to be piped and the reservoir enlarged.

There is no doubt that this new’vantage point (which will be for the use of the general public) is the finest on the Hill, as it gives a view of the cars as they leave the old crossing right round the first bend until they disappear round the second bend. It has been suggested to the B.B.C. that the top commentators hut be moved to this point and the bottom hut moved slightly higher up the hill (still in sight of the start), and a spot has . been found that will allow the top commentator to pick up the car where it goes out of the view of the bottom commentator.

The new clearing at the old crossing has now been equipped with seating accommodation for a good number of the general public (no extra charge), and it is hoped next year to put seating accommodation on the new point at the bend, when the new ground will have settled down.

Eight clubs, including the Midland Automobile Club, have signified their intention of having their own tea tents and car parks at the bottom of the hill in the R.A.C. parks.